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My site/ a secret passion: I have always had a secret interest into graphic design so I was very exited when this blog post came up. I never really looked into how I could learn graphic design, and the passion sort of faded, but I still find it really cool and interesting. I love looking at web sites that have extensive graphic design and to see how they have developed their website. The site that I love the most is I have a passion for shoes, so Im constantly browsing Nike and creating custom shoes just for fun. If it wasn’t so expensive maybe I would buy some of them. The thing that catches my eye every time about Nike is how simple, yet elegant their website is. The way the menu is set up allows you to browse freely, but at the same time it shows extensive graphic design by the way they have animations and crazy color schemes that switch after a few seconds. I really enjoy the body type that Nike uses. They have such a bold homepage that it makes people exited when they first see it. For me, I think the best part is the simple navigation. You can find every Nike product from their website in a matter of second by using the drop down menus.

Effectiveness: Effectiveness is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Nikes website. When I visit the sight I am instantly tempted to purchase at lease 3 things. They do this in a few different ways. The fist is by displaying the product in a way that makes it look perfect. The design of the page that the image is sitting on helps to make the product pop out at you and screams buy me. The second thing they do is they make almost everything customizable. This is key in getting people to buy a product because it makes them feel like and individual amongst millions of people that visit Nike. The unique factor is what drives this and it drives Nikes sales as well. The biggest and in my opinion the best technique Nikes uses to get people to visit their site and buy their product is celebrity endorsements. Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball of all time created Jordan, and makes every kid want a pair. Lebron James, arguably the future best basketball player of all time is sponsored by Nike and makes everyone watching the game want a pair. Its the celebrities who make the product seem like its the best. Nikes website does an unbelievable job at incorporating these celebrities on homepage and slide shows, to catch the viewers attention and make them focus solely on that product.

Branding: Nike is a branding genius. Their website displays this in every single product they have. Each one makes you feel like no other company can even come close to what Nike is selling. The design of the website shows how its product are the best. Often times they will have a futuristic background when they release a new shoe on the site and this makes us subconsciously think about the future. Nikes website is making us think they have the products of the future without even realizing it. They also tap into smaller markets of individual football teams which I think is genius. You can find any number of products all with you favorite football team on it, and this is key because Nike knows people are crazy about football. Overall I think the way Nike brings you in is their reputation, however, when looking at the site, you can really see it is designed in a way to catch your eye and, make you fall in love with their products.


This link to the above article is all about how Nike is the best in its field.

This article is all about why Nike is so good with social media.


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  1. Hi,

    You couldn’t have summarized the unique characteristics of Nike better. They are definitely aiming to make each one of their shoppers feel unique, even though the shoppers are technically trend followers for buying this well-known brand in a sense. I think partnerships with celebrities definitely play a huge role in this. Since I’m currently in China, your link actually directed me to the Chinese Nike website. I was surprised to see that this version of the Nike website also successfully delivers the same impressions as you described. Some of these impressions include futuristic implications and feeling inspired. Nike truly lives up to its reputation.


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