Simple and clean The design words that come to mind when I first look at the website,

  1. Simple
  2. Elegant
  3. Easy

The website ‘Brandy Melville’ is simple and easy to navigate which makes it easier to click add to cart and then have an easy check out. It is easy to look at with all the simple colors and all of the girl models look very similar so it has a theme. The design includes contrast. They use white and black and a fleshed out color to make it look old school to match the style of clothes. They use the old school colors but they use modern photos. The girls in the photos are walking through the city, they have iPhones in their pockets, and they also have new Adidas and Nikes. On the front page of the website in the right upper hand corner there is a bubble that looks like the text bubbles when someone else is typing. That is using a modern way of a quick and easy way to contact their company. Dave Underwood talks about Ethos of a well-designed page. Brandy Melville uses good Ethos when it comes to everything being perfectly lined up. It has the logo at the very top in the center and it is in a bigger font. Once you click on the links to view clothing the pictures with each person has their own rectangle and it is perfectly cut into sections of 4. This makes it very clean looking and organized. Dave also talks about logos with a page design: The things that are important and the audience should be seeing that will make them more interested to look further should be bold and should stand out for it to be easy for the reader to see. One mistake that Brandy Melville made was that they made they placed “ Free shipping for order over $150” in the bottom corner in a light color and light font. Something that Dave said in his video that I found interesting was the, “baiting a hook”. The website has this on the very front page. The front page has a slideshow that moves on its own and shows you girls that are wearing all Brandy Melville clothing. This makes you want to look at the clothes because you only get a glimpse of what the clothes are and pulls you in.  Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 8.42.56 PM.png This website explained the tricks and tips for a clothing website designer. One of the tips I found interesting was, the positioning of how to get to the different pages. This really applied to the website I chose because all of the different pages are on the top, very clear and easy to access. They also have a page for just in so you can stay up to beat with all the modern styles which definitely kept me interested and intrigued to keep looking. This website I found very helpful for the colors and organization. Both of these are very important I think to pulling in a certain audience. The audience that Brandy Melville is trying to reach out to is definitely young adults. The “look book” section of the website looks a lot like an Instagram. The pictures are all quality taken pictures, but they are casually taken (on stairs, at the ocean, in the store, in a house, in a car, walking on the street) in all places that young adults would take pictures and post on social media. It is a really great way to connect to that certain audience.





6 thoughts on “Simple and clean

  1. Hey Ellery, I really liked this post. I have never heard of Brandy Melville so its always cool to learn about cool new websites. Like you said its always good when a website uses multiple ways to grab your attention such as images and contrast and black and white. Also I like how you said the website looks clean and organized. There is nothing I dislike more than when a website is clustered and unorganized. I think it will be really cool to compare this website with some of the others that people have posted and see the similarities and differences. Overall really good job!

  2. Ellery,
    I didn’t know about this company until now! Thank you! I clicked on the link and looked at the website and you are right, it feels clean and sophisticated. I think this helps the company communicate that this brand is for women in their 20s and not teens. I don’t feel overwhelmed by this website which I thinks makes me want to shop there more! Great Job!


  3. Hi Ellery,
    I as well love Brandy Melville, I was interested to see your post! I liked the words that you chose to describe the page, I’m not sure I could have grasped elegant from the design but after reading your post I totally agree. The website, and brand in general, has a great simple look that really clicks with the line of clothing. I chose to write about FreePeople, and their website is just the opposite so its fun to see something sleeker and more open to interpretation!

  4. Ellery,
    Brandy definitely has a way to make the consumer want to feel elegant and effortless like the models wearing the apparel. Something I noticed about Brandy is that their styles are insanely simple, but I can see a girl on the street wearing a Brandy shirt and know exactly what brand it is. That’s just their signature look by using pathos and ethos within their site. Something I’ve noticed as well is that a lot of the models wear little to no make-up. This shows the lifestyle and type of consumer they’re trying to reach out to and target. Great post!

  5. Ellery,

    Interesting post, it amazing how many clothing sites out there that I have never heard of. I had to click on your link to find out about Brandy Melville. I think the their clothing are very simple not your usual sites like fashion nova. It is easy to navigate through, and it very welcoming. I will probably check out some of the stuff on the site. They have simple pretty stuff. My kind of style.

  6. Ellery,
    I really liked your post, I love Brandy Melville, it is one of my favorite clothing websites and stores. The way you described the site’s visual rhetoric was well articulated. I liked the use of the words “simple and clean” because that is exactly how I would describe the site as well. Their branding correlates with their clothing line, basic and simple, but extremely cute and trendy. They do a great job orienting the site, and making everything appealing and accessible.

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