C5 2.7t

Overview: One of my most viewed websites is 034 Motorsports. I really love this website because it has everything I need when I break parts on my car. The site and brand has done an absolutely amazing job marketing to all German cars.

Background: 034 Motorsports is a Volkswagen and Audi tuning website. You can also purchase many parts as well. They sell a lot of different types of parts. whether it be OEM spec or TiAL. There is also a blog, where you can view different types of builds. There are an array of products, from turbos, to tuning, to engine accessories, and many more types of mods. 034 also creates their own products which are higher than OEM spec. I usually do not use this website for OEM parts, as they usually cost more than aftermarket products. The brand in general is very well known to many enthusiasts. They do a very good job selling their products, as well as have very reliable customer service.

Christian Miller’s B5 S4. Built by 034 Motorsports

Website Design: The website design is very gorgeous. At the main page you are able to see a multitude of different options. You are able to shop Volkswagen, Audi, Tuning, Resources, and clothing. The texture used draws in many different consumers. The main page also shows the passion of the company’s owners. You can read more about their own ideas and framework for the company as a whole. The pictures used are a random display of parts, as well as cars they have built since 2005. They use these builds as a way to attract customers who want to build their own cars. This is an excellent way to showcase what they are capable of.

The website also uses a blog, where people can share their own ideas about certain products. These blogs are amazing, because they showcase how amazing and supportive the company is. The company itself also tells consumers about their own products, and the success they have made with each of them.Most of these cars are owned by individuals across the entire world. They contact 034 Motorsports for help and ideas of building their own cars. They also have their own shop in the Bay Area, which actually helps consumers in the U.S.

As much as I love the company as a whole, they do have their flaws. They can only build certain cars to a certain spec. This isn’t a con though, considering they are solely dedicated to servicing German Autos. As an owner of a 2.7T Allroad, I find this very amazing. These cars are very difficult to work with to any local shop. It’s hard to find parts which are still manufactured for a car which is almost two decades old. I find that this helps, considering no one makes any parts near me. They make all car owners feel  at home. It is never easy owning a 2.7t, but in the end, its worth it.

One thought on “C5 2.7t

  1. Rohit,
    I found this post interesting because of the difference in the items being sold. I feel like clothing brands are very easy to compare/contrast, so I really liked reading your post. I have a Saab, so I should probably be finding a similar website as its impossible when I need something fixed/replaced. I looked at the site, and the color scheme is just as great as you described, which is pretty impressive for this kind of a company. Thanks!

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