MassRoots: The Social Platform for Marijuana

Yes, I am going to be that guy that posts about weed …sort of. The Marijuana industry has expanded immensely in recent years due to less-stigmatized public perception and further state legalization. Exponential growth has drawn a lot of recent college-graduates and young professionals, but I will not waste anybody’s time with old news, statistics, or market evaluations. Rather I wish to speak toward MassRoots, a social platform that is uniquely apt to Millennials and our social age. After a successful battle into Apple’s App Store (for 23 legalized states), attaining the necessary licensing for becoming a publicly traded entity, and only 3 years running, MassRoots has gained well over 900,000 users and significant public attention (okay, some statistics). Have I mentioned that the cofounders are only 22?

Purpose, Audience, Stakeholders: The general purpose of their mobile applications are to provide an outlet for an audience of growers, dispensary owners, entrepreneurs, and simply those with a “favorable” opinion of Cannabis to connect. The company’s underlying intent, however, is to inform and empower the Marijuana community while actively promoting legalization reform (especially in light of the coming election). Stakeholders would then be the audience I have stated in addition to anybody living in states that have not yet legalized Cannabis. It is for the latter reason that you will find some bias in areas of their web portal, applications, and certainly blog. I am talking about a company who’s CEO (Isaac Dietrich) originally said “the whole point is that we don’t want our grandmothers to see us taking bong rips on Facebook.” I wish all empowerment to them. Nevertheless, MassRoots has become an influential and insightful source of the latest news, social trends, innovations, and enthusiasts’ opinion. This is where my interest is.

User-Centered Design: Their mobile applications are Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 8.21.01 AM.pngexceptionally easy to navigate and very familiar since they are modeled after Instagram. You will find three primary feeds on the homepage which use an infinity scroll: Local, Global, and “Buds.” The remaining tabs include a “Discover” feed, notifications, your personal profile, and right at the center is a button for posting images and videos with supplementary descriptions (hashtags and usernames still applicable). The layout for posting feels slightly more like Facebook but allows for editing and filters like Instagram. Their color scheme uses simple, clear, modern shades of green and yellow with plenty of white space. It does not feel busy yet it offers a plethora of material. Their website is more impressive even in my opinion as it addresses anyone that is interested in learning about who they are as a company, what they offer, statistics, projections (exclusive information for investors), information and opportunities (like advertising) for business owners, as well as a thorough blog. Like their mobile applications, their site’s color scheme includes the same green and yellow in addition to lots of white/grey space. They effectively implement singular images and image galleries, live photos, professional photos of themselves, infographics, and a lot more. Their blog page again uses an infinity scroll over a consistent gallery of square images and clearly highlighted titles that appeal to readers a lot like major news outlets. For example, “Cannabis Pesticides: Oregon’s Class Action Lawsuit.” One feature I am particularly fond of are the tabs at the top of the page which read “Latest News,” “Learn,” “How-To,” and “Legalize.”

Conclusion: This is an impressive example of what entrepreneurs our age are accomplishing by taking advantage of social media and effective online marketing. It is also a fruitful source of information regarding the Marijuana industry, local and global Cannabis community. What I have mentioned here is only a fraction of MassRoots’ capabilities and functions so I would highly suggest checking them out for your own ideas in web design, blog formatting, social media attribution, and more (if not just to learn something about weed).



8 thoughts on “MassRoots: The Social Platform for Marijuana

  1. I think this was a very cool and unique post! I have never heard of this site but it seems really cool. With Medical and recreational marijuana booming right now, it seems fitting that their would be an app to help with this. I think its really cool that it allows growers to have a site to go to and connect with others. This can be seen as a business opportunity perhaps. The same can be said for the dispensary owners. They can connect with people in the business and even further their own business. I really think this a perfect example of a well designed site and app and is perfect for entrepreneurs. Great post!

  2. Very interesting read! I didn’t know anything about MassRoots other than hearing the name before. I would have never thought there would be social media for weed. I like how you presented the information and without too much extra, unwanted wordage. I’m looking forward to giving this app/website a try. Thanks for posting about it.

  3. I find this post very interesting to read. I did not know that MassRoots was even a thing. Now that I have read about it, I realize that it is social media platform for marijuana. I enjoy how you decided to present the information, it felt very unique. I do see how it can be a very high ranking business. Since the legalization of marijuana, I find it cool that many dispensaries can connect with each other to their own advantage. Thank you for posting this, it is very informative.

  4. Great post! The marijuana industry is definitely an interesting one because of the changing perception of it that will allow for infinite business opportunities sooner rather than later, which is something that really gets my attention. I had no idea that MassRoots even existed, I will definitely check it out in order to stay up to date with the latest trends and news and who knows maybe even find an opportunity there eventually.

  5. First of all, I have to say that I thought that your first sentence was a great way to start off this post. I have written essays in the past about topics revolving around marijuana, and it still feels like an uncomfortable thing to talk about in a classroom setting. Moreover, I thought this post was really well written, and it will be interesting to see how this app grows as marijuana legalization becomes more common across the country. I will definitely keep an eye on it after reading your post.


  6. You got me hooked with your first sentence, it was a comical way to introduce the website you wanted to talk about. Marijuana is controversial thing to talk about, less so in Colorado now, but it can be an awkward thing to talk about. I liked your head on approach to mitigate that awkwardness . I’ve never heard of MassRoots before or even thought that something like that existed. This was a very interesting read!


  7. I thought your blog post was very interesting. It sounds like a very cool site especially with the fact of all the legal recreational, and medical uses of marijuana that are taking place. I think its very cool that your willing to talk about such a sometimes controversial subject on this blog. Great post.

    Cole Buller

  8. This was a very interesting post! I have heard of Mass Roots and knew generally what content was on the app, but I learned a lot from your post. I find it very interesting that they modeled it after Instagram, with that being such a popular style of platform it makes sense why they would go that route. With the marijuana industry growing so quickly, it is no surprise that people are trying to find ways to create business around it in an app-forum. Thanks for the post!
    Carissa Mann

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