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For my blog post on graphic design I decided to take a look at I really don’t buy many things online but when I do its usually from Amazon. This is a great site for pretty much anything you are looking to buy ranging from electronics to books and school supplies. This company makes sure they have plenty of elements of graphic design present in their website that ensure they generate the most sales they can.

Affecting The Audience:

Amazon focuses on creating a sense of empathy with their customers and relating to them to help them gain more sales. If you look at one of their products online you will notice all the descriptions, ratings, and also a summary of what the product can be used for. I believe this helps Amazon relate to its customers by creating a sense of empathy, to where they really understand their customers and put themselves in their shoes by knowing what the customer will specifically use the product for. This sense of empathy helps the company build a sense of trust, and builds relationships with their customers. Besides the sense of empathy Amazon creates with its customers, they also have visual elements in the website that affect its target audience in a positive way. All aspects of the website are focused on user centered design making it easy for customers to navigate and find the product they are looking for. The design is set up in a very appealing way, which is also very easy to get around through the use of drop down menus, and categories.


To me pathos mainly means the beauty of the website through the use of UCD, and design. The website looks very user friendly and the contrast and different color schemes used make it very appealing to the eye. They do this by making sure the homepage has all the products you are most interested in by finding similar products to your recent purchases. This allows the site to truly connect with its customers, all because of the use of pathos and the designer friendly elements presented in the site.


The site also focuses on ethos in many different aspects which helps them appeal to customers. As a company Amazon generates billions in revenue, and is one of the leading sellers in its industry. With this in mind they really have to make sure they keep a strong ethical state of mind for the consumers. Without a proper ethical sense there would be no brand loyalty, and consumers would not be willing to do business with Amazon. They help keep a strong ethical sense by making sure the site is always up to date and looking professional. The company has to make sure they are trustworthy, and credible to make sure they will have loyal customers who will do business with them for years to come.


Another way this site works on appealing to its audiences is through the use of logos. They do this by really making it obvious what they wish to sell, by providing accurate descriptions of the product. If you start to look for a product you like you will notice that there is tons of information on the product, stating all the facts about the product,and in the end helping the consumer make the decision of whether or not to purchase the product.

In the end:

These are all ways in which Amazon focuses on maximizing their consumers who wish to buy from their company. Because of this strong brand loyalty I believe Amazon will remain to be one of the top retail providers in the online industry.


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Im currently a junior at the Leeds school of business, studying finance and real estate. I live in Boulder, and I love staying active by doing any type of physical activity or just hanging out with friends.

5 thoughts on “Amazon- Graphic Design

  1. Hey Cole,

    I don’t buy many things online either. I had never used Amazon up until about a year ago, and now almost anytime I buy things online it is through their website. This is mainly due to some of the things you mentioned. I love the fact that all of their products receive ratings and comments. Often these will completely change my decision on whether I should buy a product or not or if I should buy a product at all. I used to be worried about buying things online, but now I’m confident I am getting a quality product.

  2. Hi Cole,

    I agree that Amazon is extremely effective at targeting their audience, especially through their use of “products you may like” and “recommended for you based upon…”. I personally find myself using these categories when using their website and ultimately end up spending more money and buying useless goods. The user-friendly nature of their website captivates users and I can attest to the fact that you get drawn into it. Through using the reviews of previous buyers, Amazon is also extremely effective at adding to their ethos as well.

  3. Hey Cole,

    I have gotten into the habit over the past few years to do my shopping in equal parts of online and offline. Amazon is where I do the majority of my online shopping because they have such an immense selection of products, which are usually at very good prices. Such a combination as that of Amazon’s has a lot to contribute to the company’s high level of success it has seen. Amazon does a great job utilizing the elements you mentioned to create a pleasant and effective shopping experience of its own kind. Thank you for sharing this!

    – Curran

  4. Cole,

    I completely agree with you that Amazon is super successful at appealing to their target audience. There is a reason Amazon is so successful, and i think their use of design effectively helps the company achieve success. The majority of shopping I do online is through Amazon, so they definitely have sucked me in. I can’t even imagine how many orders I have placed through Amazon.

  5. I love using Amazon and have ended up ordering a lot of products from there, especially books. One of my favorite features is Amazon’s recommend bar at the bottom of the page of a product that you’re interested in. Unlike a lot of other websites, the things that Amazon recommends I’m actually interested in. More than once I’ve bought another product or book from Amazon because in was listed in the recommended section of the original book or product that I intended on buying.


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