Aritzia: The fashion boutique “Aritizia” has been my favorite clothing store for a few years now. I visit their website often because they don’t have any stores in Colorado. The quality of their clothing is amazing and they sell a few different brands that are hard to find elsewhere. Their pieces are comfortable, simple, flattering, and classy.

“I have nowhere to go but everywhere.” This line captures viewers the second they visit this website. Not only is this quote powerful and intriguing, but is accompanied by two contrasting photos that are in the background. The photo on the left is a girl standing in the middle of a road that goes backwards and up a hill. The photo on the right is in a sepia tone of a a girl posing in front of a mountain. Both of these photos connect with the quote, alluring to some type of journey. This is the whole theme of Aritzia’s fall collection. They intend to leave the viewers with a sense of “possibility.” The campaign of their fall collection is to be ambitious, start new, and “make something real.”


Explore: Right on top of the two photos, they include a snapshot of a video they created for their fall line. When you click on it, it directs you to a full screen video. The video is extremely well made and captures the audience. It includes different quotes that connect with the theme such as “i will seek out the offbeat, the upbeat, the curious” and “i will make room for possibility.” The music choice is perfect for the shots they depict. I think using a video as a way to market and promote their new line is an extremely clever and effective way to lead an audience in. After I saw this video, I was much more interested and excited to look at their new fall edit and make a purchase.

“New York. Art. Clothes. On Us.” Another brilliant strategy Aritzia uses to motivate their audience, is holding a contest. The contest is creative and inspiring. The whole intention behind it is again to “make something real.” They want people to draw, paint, write, or photograph what they believe to be “inspiring” to them this fall. The winner earns a trip for two to New York with airfare, hotel, and tickets to galleries all set up. Additionally, the winner will receive a $1000 Aritzia gift card. This is all going to be done through social media and Instagram, which is a powerful way to spread the word about their new line. Aritzia has always been extremely interactive with their customers, which is a very smart strategy when trying to drive brand loyalty and recognition.  

Visual Elements and Design: Apart from the contest and video elements included on their website, the entire design of the website is visually appealing and easy to use. The pathos is compelling and aesthetically appealing. The composition and layout of the website is user-friendly. The images that they use look harmonious next to each other, and the colors of the backgrounds are contrasted. The ethos is also effective. The grid alignment strategy of their images and use of white space makes the site minimalistic and inviting. The visual elements are sophisticated making the site appear professional. They contrast the typefaces with two classics, sans serif and serif, making their brand name stand out. Lastly, the logos or logic behind the design is deliberate. They use their fall line campaign as their “bait on the hook,” making it the first thing you see when you go to the website, because they want to capitalize on it.  Everything else is smaller and grouped by category, intentionally scaled back to look less important when compared to their fall edit. All of these elements combined motivate the audience to be loyal customers. 

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