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Bleacher Report: I spoke about Bleacher Report in my last blog post, which is a website that I visit relatively frequently in order to find interesting sports content and articles. As I mentioned previously, Bleacher Reports designers did a fantastic job, and really went above and beyond in order to ensure that there website was the best of its kind. They were able to incorporate an extensive amount of interesting content that covers a wide variety of sports and topics, while still keeping their site clean, reliable, and very user friendly.

Because Bleacher Report is clearly not a website that is trying to sell products, their main goal must be to simply provide people with their desired content as quickly and clearly as possible. With this in mind, I think they did a fantastic job. Many websites are difficult to navigate, and take a lot of time and effort in order to find what you have actually been looking for. ESPN is one of the leading sports websites, and although they are undoubtedly different types of sports websites, I find Bleacher Report much easier to use, and overall I enjoy Bleacher Reports experience much more than ESPN’s and many other similar sites. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why I enjoy Bleacher Reports overall experience so much, however – as I’ve already mentioned multiple times – I truly believe it is due to their ease in navigation.

Ethos: Bleacher Reports designers did a fantastic job in utilizing certain color schemes in order to appeal to the users ethos. When you click on a certain teams section, the whole websites color scheme changes in order to suit that teams colors. This one design feature makes every user feel somewhat at home when browsing their teams Bleacher Report page. On top of these specific color scheme changes, the home page of Bleacher Report changes as well depending on what is currently happening in sports. For example, if it is the super bowl, and the two competing teams play in white and green, Bleacher Reports home page will undoubtedly feature some sort of white and green color scheme.


Advertising: Unlike most websites with advertisements, Bleacher Report has found a seamless way to advertise  variety of things, without it even seeming like an advertisement. For example The Ryder Cup is coming up in golf, and the current backdrop for bleacher report features a variety of competing golfers, as well as the NBC logo saying “Tomorrow 9AM – 7PM ET”. This will definitely drive people to NBCs TV channel, and confirm that Bleacher Reports subtle advertising is successful.

Conclusion: Overall, I think it is very clear that the designers of Bleacher Report had extremely obvious goals in mind when designing their website. They wanted it to feel like a site that is for sports enthusiasts and designed bus sports enthusiasts, and they achieved this very successfully. I also think that this was done so well, because it actually was designed and conceptualized by sports enthusiasts, rather than just random designers trying to make it seem like it was created by sports enthusiasts.


8 thoughts on “Bleacher Report

  1. The color scheme is very cool, do you think that is skill you will integrate into your work when you do your website or was that skill you put forward when you did your website? When you look at their website you can tell that they have a certain audience they are reaching out to and they know how to draw that audience in, I agree they do a very good job at getting straight to the point in a very clear way.

  2. Also, what is something they could do differently to maybe reach out to a different audience that isn’t involved in sports and it’s there first time looking at it? Does it do a good job at making it easy for people that have never been there to understand what things mean?

  3. I have had Bleacher Report’s app on my phone for a long time, and use it regularly. However, I have never been on their website, and usually relied on ESPN for most of my sports updates. After checking out Bleacher Report’s website I think I will be using it a lot more. It seems really easy to get the information you want and need. I also love how they change the color scheme to match the team that you are looking at. People take enormous pride in their team colors, so I think this really gives the website a personal feel.

  4. Josh,

    Bleacher Report is an awesome website. I’m a huge sports fan and follow everything Bleacher Report has to offer. If you don’t already have it, download the Bleacher Report team stream app. This app is pretty much a mobile website and it gives great updates and breaking news notifications. Also, follow Bleacher Report of Instagram. They post great information through Instagram along with funny sports videos.

  5. Hey Josh,

    Like you, I also like Bleacher Report better than ESPN. I think that what makes them different is that bleacher report is more customized to the user’s specific interests compared to ESPN, which just sort of throws everything at you. I think its great how bleacher report lets you filter your newsfeed to your specific interests, basically the teams you want to follow and the amount of information they give you is incredible not only sports related but also related to the players’ lifestyle, which I think interests us all, and they still manage to keep their website as well as the app “clean”, not making it a hassle with advertisements, and other unnecessary features.

  6. Hey Josh,
    What you brought up about the color schemes is one of my favorite attributes of the website. The color scheme of a team is one of the most important symbols of a team, and the fact that bleacher report integrates this into the specific teams page is awesome. Like you said, it gives it an individualized viewing experience to anyone that comes on the the site.

  7. Hello Josh,
    I too use Bleacher Report for news related to sports teams that I am following. Part of the reason I use it are mostly mentioned throughout your blog post. The flow of information throughout the website is done in such a great way. Additionally, I enjoy the content placement throughout the website, especially where scores are listed at top. When I am just looking for the score of a sports game I am unable to watch, it is nice that they put that information at the first place you will be able to see it.

  8. Hey Josh,
    Nice post, I love using Bleacher Report. As a huge fan of sport, I always want to know what is going on in the world. It either I am at Bleacher Report or ESPN. They are such an awesome sites for sport lovers, they have all kinds of sports all over the world on there. Even though both bleacher report and ESPN are the same, I enjoy to ESPN more, their website is more clearer for me than bleacher report but they are both good at what they represent which is sport.

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