Blog post 5 I am not one often considered fashionable, but I have a huge appreciation for fashion. It’s an unavoidable (mostly pleasant) reality that I experience from cultural observations and day-to-day life as subtle as seeing fashion in social media. Art has always and continues to be something that fascinates me, too. I learned much about it from high school in my painting class, about how one single painting can tell you more stories than one could imagine. I am the kind of person that gets excited about something I wouldn’t consider wearing myself, but see other people wearing and rocking it. Ever since being introduced to fashion nova, I visit the site frequently, so I can see what new trending fashion styles and their background designs. If I am to describe this website in five words, I would call it fashionable, good quality, sexy, unique and affordable. What attracts me to their website is their constant use of different background designs with complementary trending fashion news. The website isn’t about one particular style, or arguably theme; there’s a lot different of different inspirations that work cohesively.



The contrast of their background slides are pretty and minimalist. Going through their website isn’t hard at all. It is very simple and easy. Their clothing is very sexy and tempting. I have had friends tell me that they don’t buy clothes from there because they don’t have the body structure that the curve models in the clothing do.  The only problem I have with the sites is their models, I think they should have models of diverse sizes, races, etc. representing women more accurately. In all realness, you don’t have to have the standard model’s body type to look cute in their clothes. They have clothes starting from extra small to plus size. The store is full of good quality and very well textured clothes. Their social media game is on point, they all over Instagram, and I constantly see their logo online. The customer service reviews are on point as well. They treat their customers very kindly and give discounts every time you purchase something from them. The background of the page gives a real review of what the website really is. It shows models in their most popular designs.

As much as I love shopping at this site, one complaint I have, after purchasing from them is that they don’t show you history of the items you’ve just bought, or that you’ve bought something from them before. Every time you shop, it’s like you’re new to the website all over again because they don’t keep any of your information for future payments or shipping. Other than that, I see they have great stuff and just looking at the background will make you click on the page faster because you saw something you’re interested in.






2 thoughts on “Blog post 5

  1. Hi,

    First of all, I love how they use an image of a woman in Halloween costumes for their home page due to the upcoming holiday. The overall theme of this brand is definitely sexy. Contrary to what you think about their models, one of my first impressions of their website is actually their attentive choice of models. Most of the clothing websites hire skinny, almost anorexic models to wear their clothes. Lastly, I thought it was very weird that they do not keep a record of your past orders. Every website I can think of offer this feature. Perhaps that is something they should improve on.


  2. Hi Rose,
    I too have a huge appreciation for fashion so I really enjoyed reading what you had to say! I had never heard of Fashion Nova but after reading your post I had to go check it out. I was amazed by how inexpensive it was for the trends it was selling! It kind of reminds me of the site Tobi if you have ever heard of that? But I will definitely be checking this website out more often!

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