Buying the feeling

When I first came to the US was for a conference in Houston. One of my friends who lived there took me shopping and I went into a Banana Republic for the first time; it was love at first sight! Since I had started working at a very young age, I felt sometimes people didn’t take me seriously. I tried on some of their stuff and felt so grown up and professional I was immediately hooked. I have normally just gone to stores, not much of an online shopper except for Amazon but as soon as I read the prompt this was the first site that came to mind because it captures the essence and feel of their brand perfectly.

Pathos: This website does a great job at getting People to look at what they want them to. They have a very clean rhythmic site. You can see there is a lot of white space that is held to showcase the pictures of professional looking people in really put together outfits that reflects a professional yet playful personality.br1

They use rhythm or repetition in the bottom of the page when they have different looks with seasonal garments that play really well together and capture your attention so you don’t only buy one thing but the whole outfit. Their primary colors are black and white which are subdued in certain pieces as well as some tan and grey for fonts or picture backgrounds. Even though most of their outfit pictures are complete, they use some creative cropping to showcase parts of the garments that catch your eye.

Ethos: Because of how stylish their design is they convince people of how sophisticated their clothes are. They manage grids for the pictures of the outfits as well as the basic navigation tabs of the site and keep it simple. The site has a black thin banner on the top and a thicker black banner in the bottom with contact information that frames the white middle.

Even though they have several pictures of outfits, they manage space and proximity so it doesn’t look cluttered nor has trap space that can make the site look unprofessional. Like I mentioned before, they use mainly black and white, as well as desaturated colors. Their type phases work really well with their logo and in the design they use the serif and sans serif mix to give it a little more style. Margins are consistent and ample so that it doesn’t look crowded and text can really shine.br3

Logos: The design of this site targets their intended audience by using images that portray the style that they have. The pictures on the front site and on each path you take show complete looks or garments in a way that seems unique and professional. I can state they design in a rational way so that they appeal to their clients. The flow of the site is really intuitive and has some clear navigation panels that help you jump from one page to the other without having to spend tons of time looking for stuff.

Their homepage normally has some sort of attractive offer plus a picture of a seasonal outfit that serves as bait for us to continue exploring the site. The attractive offer is normally in a different color and has a lot of white space around it to let it be the visual focus.

I have to say, this site definitely portrays the feeling of the in person store and this is something that not all stores have achieved on their websites. Even though is a little cookie cutter and has resemblance to a lot of other clothing websites, it achieves the intended outcome of attracting clients to buy into their sense of style and for me into that grown up feeling 🙂


7 thoughts on “Buying the feeling

  1. Love this site and these clothes! You are very right about the professional look. Because they are so professional is the website intimidating for people that are just getting started in a more professional working job looking for clothes? I liked how they made the models look like normal people, not like super skinny wearing all the clothes. The fonts really work well together. They put the 4 things that matter to a customer to make it their own experience (size, color, price, and category) in bold right above the clothing to make it easy- I liked this a lot.

  2. I think your comment about the sophistication of Banana Republic is spot on! My mom loves shopping there and she always suggests I go there when I need to find something more professional looking. I’ve never been on their website or shopped online but I can picture it looking just like the store – clean and professional! I’m glad that I saw your post and was reminded about this store because I definitely need to expand my adult closet!

  3. Hi,

    I love shopping at Banana Republic as well. They tend to have clothes with more petite sizes that fit better for Asian women. The kind of tan, kind of pink color on their website is very chic. Even this little detail represents their clean, professional look like you pointed out.

    I really like “The Best of Sale” section of the website. Not only do the colors of these images pop, it also markets their Instagram account which I think is brilliant considering that lots of people follow fashion on Instagram nowadays.


  4. Hey,

    Great post. I don’t shop at Banana Republic but their website definitely does a great job of giving the clothes a professional and sophisticated look. You are right that it’s kind of cookie-cutter and similar to other websites, but I think they’re trying to stay in line with the times as well. I was also really surprised by how much it costs, but it does look high quality.

  5. Hello Alesa,
    I think the clean rhythmic flow of content you mentioned does cause users to focus on products they want to sell. Additionally, I think this allows for users to not be overwhelmed by the products they offer and create a more calm shopping experience. The simpleness in the way the content appears that you mentioned certainly does create a sophisticated experience. I think the lack of advertisements from external websites also creates a more sophisticated and less-overwhelming shopping experience.

  6. Hi Alesa,
    Interesting post, I have heard a lot of good things about Banana Republic but I have never actually shop there before. Their clothing looks great, I’ve had friends shop there and loved the quality of their clothes. With the quality of their clothing, you will thing think that it is really expensive but their prices are reasonable for everyone. Personally I wouldn’t spent that much on one clothing but if it worth it I usually do.

  7. The title of your post “Buy the Feeling” perfectly describes how the best companies market their products. In a TED talk by Simon Senek that I’ve watched, Senek explains the golden circle with “why” in the center and moving outward to “how” then finally “what”. Senek talks about selling the “why” of your product and how companies like Apple do a really good job of this. Selling the “why” is about selling a lifestyle, a set of beliefs or vision, or, like you said, selling a feeling.


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