Collecting Jerseys


Background: One of my favorite things to buy on the internet are sports jerseys, specifically soccer jerseys, which I almost always purchase through It has been a hobby of mine since I was very little, I am as much a fan of the history of the game as of its present actuality. Soccer being the huge sport that it is, has a number of excellent leagues and competitions throughout the world, something that can’t be said for most sports. Due to this there have always been and continue to be a number of great players playing in different parts of the world, and for me its a great feeling watching these great players play, no matter if they play for teams I don’t particularly like. Collecting their jerseys is my own personal way of sort of paying tribute for their greatness and what they did for the sport. This website sells all kinds of products related to soccer, from professional teams’ merchandise such as jerseys to equipment to uniforms, which one could customize for their own teams. The website does a great job of establishing validity through ethos. First of all, the website has a number of partnerships with respected institutions in the soccer world, so one knows that the website is reliable and credible. The website is designed in a very professional way as well, the images and fonts the website uses bring a certain liveliness to the website that encourages its users to want to buy something as soon as the website loads. The images the website uses for its products are very authentic and do a great job of showing all the products’ features, they also have 3D imaging, which allows its users to look at every aspect of the product they offer. The website also does a great job of using its fonts to advertise specific products it wants to sell, whether it be with the sizes of the font, the spacing, or the change in colors, they do a great job of provoking its users. For example, in their home page the first thing you’ll see is new products they are offering or special discounts, and they always play around with the fonts they use to advertise this products, one day it could be just a huge font that immediately jumps out at you while the next day it could be a certain coloring or a certain spacing in between the sentences, words, or even letters, they just always know how to grab a users’ attention.

The website also has a great connection with its users through pathos. The website does a great job of maintaining its users informed with their offerings through keeping in touch with them through e-mail. The e-mails it sends out to its users have a personal touch to them, they e-mail their users based on those users’ preference based on the information they provide their website as well as their previous purchases, so when one gets an email from them it will definitely be something that interests you. What brings out the most emotion from its users though is the way they relate their products to a great player. They do a great job of selecting certain images in their web design to create this relationship, for example if new shoes just came out, they’ll advertise them using an image of a player using these new shoes, whether it be just literally the player holding the shoe up with a certain facial expression or an image of the player doing something sick wearing the shoes such as a bicycle kick, they just always make that connection with the user that makes the user think “I have to have that.” Players are the heroes of all sports and one of the best experiences in sports is feeling a connection with players, we always want to be like them and buying products they use is probably one of the ways that makes us feel as if we have that connection and does a great job of using that relationship between player and product to encourage its users to make purchases. offers a great variety of products, so it has to organize the website in a way that presents the information pertaining to the different products efficiently that will make navigating the website simple and fun for users. In order to do this it uses logos, to categorize products by product type, brand, team, etc. This makes it easy for users to find the product they are interested in quickly and see the all the information related to it. For example, if one wants to buy soccer shoes, one will simply go into the website and press the footwear tab and there one can filter the results by brand, size, type of shoe, price, special offers, basically anything so a user finds what they want immediately with no hassles making the experience as pleasant and satisfying as possible.




One thought on “Collecting Jerseys

  1. Ivan,
    I’m not much of a sports’ fan; however, I do know a thing or two about the importance of customer service that you touched on. Not only is it great for customer’s to feel recognized when they’re sent promotions or deals regarding future purchases. Those reminders and emails dropping hints at new materials and promotions not only is for brand loyalty, but it’s also a way to reduce “cart abandonment”. That means that you put something in your shopping cart, but never get around to it. So this website that you are writing about clearly uses pathos and logos to zoom in on those customers that need a little extra push! Crazy to break it down, huh? Great job!

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