Background:  Anyone who has a passion for the outdoors, or more specifically outdoor activities such as skiing, surfing, and skateboarding, most likely has a multitude of websites they might visit when looking at new gear.  I often find myself looking at the individual manufacturers websites, however I rarely find myself buying things directly off of the firm’s website.  I personally prefer to research the individual products, and have the ability to compare them in order to insure that I am making the best purchase for my money.  Evo.com is my go to website for gear, and I believe the design is what keeps me coming back.  

Pathos:   Although there are tons of competitors who do the same thing, (backcountry, skis-1208282_1920dogfunk, and the house to name a few) I find myself constantly gravitating back to Evo.com.  When you first log on to the website, you are greeted with large and vibrant pictures such as the one to the right.  Evo.com sells everything from surfing gear to skiing gear, and these pictures rotate through the different sports.  For me personally, I am an avid skier, and seeing this image immediately reminded me of all the good times I have had on the mountain.  As Dave talked about in his videos, this acts as bait, and makes me want to buy something.

Furthermore, when looking at the individual pages for gear, there is good flow.  More specifically, by having the filters on the left side, and the even spaced items to the right, I see myself changing the filters, and then immediately going back to the right to see what items pop up in a clockwise motion.  This clockwise motion really makes it easy for the consumer to see the results, and not be distracted by anything else

Ethos:  In Evo.com’s design, ethos also plays a large roll in it’s success. The first thing I am drawn to is the use of colors.  In the site’s basic elements, it is primarily a white background with a vibrant blue and green color scheme.  I believe that the simple design actually helps the site due to the fact that a majority of the items for sale have a ton of colors.  The white background makes it easy to see each individual item without having the background clash with the colors of the item.  I also believe that the green and blue accents play a big role in tying the whole website together.  These colors not only make the site look sharp, but also strikes an emotional chord due to the fact that green and blue reminds me of being outdoors.

Overall, the layout of the website only works to better the experience of buying gear on Evo.com.  The designers clearly took the use of margins into account when creating evo.com.  By contrasting the white boxes with an off white border, the consumer’s eyes are forced to the boxes in which store all of the relevant information and items.  Lastly, I believe that the typefaces that were chosen work well too.  For most items, the title of the board for example is in a thin black type.  Not only is it easy to read, but it does not overshadow the important information they are trying to portray.  Evo.com claims that it has the best prices no matter what, and the sale price is highlighted in a thicker font and colored red.  I am instantly drawn to the price, then back up to the item.  This simple use of colors and typefaces truly sends the message that the consumer is about to get a great deal.  

Logos:  Although the design of the website is primarily focused on ethos and pathos, I feel as if logos does play a role in the success of the website.  Ethos is portrayed within the blog “All things Evo”.  In this blog, evo.com has reviews on products, but also houses relevant articles to educate the consumers.  As shown here, Evo has a full article outlining the new snowboard product line for this year.  Not only do they highlight some of the most anticipated products, however they give insight as to why companies are making changes in their products.  Overall, the addition of this blog only adds to the credibility of the website, and I feel confident that anything that is on the site (review or article) is solid information. This only adds to my trust in Evo, and I will be back soon to get myself ready for the upcoming skiing season.  


3 thoughts on “Evo.com

  1. As a consistent shopper on Evo, I have agree with their competitive advantage over other sites. The way they have laid things out is much more logical and user friendly than places like dogfunk and the-house. The ease of searching and finding the product you are looking for makes it a place you want to come back and browse even if you don’t need anything. Filtering down to specific brands is a key feature that I like to use, and they seem to carry them all, which is major plus.

  2. Hey RJ,

    This was my first time looking through Evo, When I saw the title of your post, I was expecting the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 (EVO 8). It is pretty cool that they have many user friendly features. I do enjoy how you are able to filter down to specific brands, like Garrett stated. I think I will start using this website, as I want to be able to start enjoying the outdoors for once. Thank you for sharing this website, it seems very good to use.


  3. Hi RJ,

    Thanks for your post about EVO.com, I found it really interesting and actually really enjoyed checking out the site. As you mentioned in your post, I think one of their biggest pros is the pictures and graphics they use as a marketing tactic. All the high-quality images are designed very well and really work seamlessly with each other and the website. As a relatively new skier I will most definitely be checking out this site in the future.

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