“Girl Boss” Taking Over

Nasty Gal:  There has to be a reason that people are handing money over to companies for a reason other than “that looks cute”. The site that affects me both financially and emotionally is Nasty Gal. Despite the odd name, there is a great story behind this site. The creator of Nasty Gal happens to declare herself as Girl Boss, she is a self-made multi-millionaire that is standing up against the “glass ceiling” within the business world and the social pressures that girls face today. The clothes aren’t exactly “nasty” or erotic like the website may connotate, but it definitely is on the free-spirited and wild side. screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-2-18-04-pmNasty Gal has great way of thinking outside the box in fashion. They have excellent use of pathos, ethos, a bit of logos, and crafty graphic design to attact new customers and to keep the current customers interested. It is succeeding as well, because their business and fashion statements are sweeping the nation.

Graphic Design: Nasty Gal is a fan of apparel with the ability to stand out. They don’t only want that to be seen when you receive it in the mail, but most importantly when they’re selling you the product on their site. In the picture above, Nasty Gal could have done a better job at using the “rule of thirds” in order to guide the reader what to pay most attention to; however, most of their pictures use the perfect amount of cropping and framing in order to direct the eye to where they want you to look. As lovers of color that pop and unique apparel, their site colors are all over the place. They love to show off that they’re different and that their clothes will cause double takes, so they don’t water this effect by all means while advertising. Knowing that some articles of clothing can be a little overwhelming, the designers of the site use the same, bland but marble colored background in order to reduce stimulus overload and to stay focused on the products alone. They also throw together crazy and “outside the box” outfits, but they crop the picture in the perfect way to show the consumer what part of the outfit they’re advertising WHILE still letting the eye occassionally wonder to the pieces that go nicely with that product. This not only leads to multiple purchases, but also helps consumers work and play with this intensely different style.

Pathos: In Dave Underwood’s videos, pathos is depicted as the most important and I have to completely agree with this. Emotional appeal is 99.9% why I endulge on these grossly high prices and insane wardrobe choices. screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-2-25-33-pmThe emotional appeal that Nasty Gal has on it’s consumers is the fact that this is a site to let your style expand and run wild. They have so many different selections and brands all to satisfy a wide range of “outside the box” dressers. They also throw together some lookbooks of their own styles and it truly makes you fantisize about your ideal self. I dress like I’m the most confident girl and that I don’t care what others think, but what’s insane is that it’s the complete opposite. These clothes make me feel this confidence and make me feel on top of the world, when that very well isn’t the case. Nasty Gal hits so hard on your actual self, that you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks just to feel like you can rock these outfits and feel just as confident as the models they utilize. That also was what Girl Boss was striving for, dressing for yourself and not others. She loves and believes in her company because it allows girls to dress what makes them feel a certain  way versus letting someone else decide. Their consumers believe in this because it’s broadcasted and known that Nasty Gal believes in this too.

Ethos: They use ethos to pursuade consumers by being confident in their clothing as well, no matter how odd they are. Clothing categories will be titled “Sexy Chic” or “You Wish You Were Me”, already persuading the consumer these products are attention grabbing. They also do it in proud, bolded letters that draw attention and completely illustrate what they are- bold and loud. Nasty Gal’s website is organized and clean, letting the clothes completely speak for themselves. This also shows that they have less of an amateur feel and more of an expert of fashion credibility. Nasty Gal is insanely observative by reminding you through emails or pop-ups that you have yet to purchase an item that you have viewed. Clearly if you click on the item, it must have caught your eye. They utilize this habit and create a reminder that maybe we do need to take a second look at that product.

Logos: A few of the persuasive techniques used for ethos is also used for logos. The web page design, that also depictes logos, is how Nasty Gal uses one picture and one phrase to categorize the different apparel within that sublink. Using that one picture and bolded font, the reader knows exactly what she is getting into- appealing to her logic. I think Nasty Gal should improve their logos and web page design by further displaying “Girl Boss”, instead of only having it in small font at the bottom of their page. It’s the whole back story to the company and message that the consumer can hold onto. The consumer needs the background to understand the structure of the company; therefore, it should be further broadcasted.


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3 thoughts on ““Girl Boss” Taking Over

  1. Hi Megan!
    First off, I love Nasty Gal. Every time I get an email from them about their new products I immediately go to their site and buy a ton of things. One thing I noticed that Nasty Gal does extremely well is the use of fonts. They use basic san serif fonts on every piece of their website, besides their name. It makes it stand out more, and draws your attention to it. It is also not overwhelming and the font is easy to read for every product.

  2. Megan,
    I had no idea what the story was behind the Nasty Gal! I shop online at their website all the time. I never really thought about the emotional appeal that Nasty Gal creates for people. I’m sure that’s a huge reason for why they are so popular, especially for people around our age. The different categories really help with this like you mentioned. The website is really clean and this helps the clothes stand out to the viewers.

  3. I definitely agree that the images cause not just one look at the product. It provides a lot of color and a bit overwhelming, causing users of the website to look at the products longer. A lot of the clothing featured on the website solidifies your point that they try to convey the uniqueness of the style throughout their catalog. I think this creates a lot of the confidence you mentioned, enabling users to create their own style.

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