14 Years Ago: During a surfing trip to Australia back in 2002, GoPro’s founder, Nick Woodman, had a very neat idea. Nick wanted to be able to take high quality action photos of his trip, but was not able to because amateur photographers could not capture photos close enough or buy quality equipment at reasonable prices. Confronted with this problem, Nick knew what he had to do, he had to find a solution. At that time when Nick had developed a personal, versatile action camera called the “GoPro,” little did he know that he was about to set foot upon a billion dollar empire. His desire for this specialized camera system that could capture the “professional angles” inspired the GoPro name. compare-lockup2

Millions of people have used GoPro’s products, and the company has never failed to innovate since its first GoPro “Hero” digital camera released in 2006. With each successive release of its products year after year, GoPro has developed one of the most distinct brand identities of its kind. GoPro’s unique brand identity is perfectly on display when viewing their website, and it really captures all of what GoPro as a company enables their customers to do. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about GoPro’s success isn’t about the camera’s itself, but instead the “experience” of using their products to capture one’s adventurous moments.

Pathos: One of the challenges that GoPro first faced as a company was how they could market their products to consumers in a format that was easy to understand, yet detailed enough to give a prospective customer a complete product offering. This is very important for a technology company to do because their product offerings inherently come with their own “learning curves.” By simply viewing the company’s website, it is clear that they have found the perfect balance between these two imperatives. Visitors are greeted with a seamless and flowing home page which showcases GoPro’s personal brand through the use of a crisp and clean layout featuring the company’s newest products, as well as a stunning portrayal of the media that their cameras are able to create and provide to customers.

Ethos: GoPro has successfully created a sense of fluidity and continuity in the creation of their brand’s image. Each page of their website is formatted in a similar way which is easy to navigate, and is focused on content. Constant use of their signature black, blue, and white color scheme is proudly on display as visitors to the site visit each one of the tabs located at the very top of the page. Each tab has its fair share of interactive, multi-media content which does a great job of showcasing the highlights of their products.

Logos: It’s no wonder why GoPro sells millions of its action cameras each year thanks to the way that they are able to target their customers effectively. In essence, GoPro isn’t just selling their products, they are also selling the “use” of their products too. One of the first things a potential customer asks themselves when considering purchasing a GoPro is, “what are the camera’s capabilities, and do they meet my expectations?” The great thing about this process of “consumer exploration” is the way that GoPro leverages this revenue generating opportunity to its advantage. By integrating the important information about their cameras directly into the same areas where its “user experience” is portrayed, GoPro is able to deliver an immensely powerful ability to strike its message deeply into the minds of their customers.

Capture. Create. Enjoy. These are the words that the number one action camera manufacturer lives by; a motto that perfectly grasps what the company is all about. GoPro truly lives for their products as well as throughout its products. As they continue their rapid growth and persistent innovation, the future sure does look bright for the action camera maker. My only unanswered question is, where will they go next?


17 thoughts on “GoPro

  1. GoPro is an awesome example for this post! Even though as a camera it relates to so many people for different reasons, the company does a great job to creating a sort of lifestyle of the average GoPro customer and uses graphic design to describe this. It’s especially so important because as a film/tech company graphic design is perhaps even more important than other companies. I enjoyed your post a lot

  2. Hey Curran,

    I have a GoPro of my own, and I love it. I had no idea that it was started by a surfer. I always thought it was developed by a larger company, but had its own sub-brand from it. I looked at their website, and I was very impressed. They do a create job of creating an experience on their website rather than just trying sell their products. It seems like a lot of companies have had success with this design in recent years.

  3. Curran,

    I think GoPro does a great job marketing and selling their product. I love looking at their Instagram because they always have really cool pictures and videos of crazy adventures or extreme sports. I really want to get a GoPro for when I study abroad next semester because I feel like it takes really unique pictures and it’s so convenient! My brother took one when he traveled to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand, and came back with amazing pictures.

  4. Curran,

    GoPro is a great brand with great products. I own a Hero4 and I love using it. The new Karma drone system and Hero5 seems unbelievable and it is taking GoPro to a whole new level. GoPro’s website does a great job in speaking to the brand. The user-generated videos and pictures on the site allows you to see all the possibilities and really makes you want to buy a new GoPro.

  5. Hey Curran,

    In my opinion, what GoPro does most effectively is using pathos to built a lasting connection with its customers, not only do they do a great job of making it easy for its customers to learn how to use the cameras as best as possible but they also offer great complementary products to go along with the initial offering such as the app that enhances the overall experience with the camera. Great post!

    1. Hey Ivan,

      Thanks for the reply! I agree, GoPro has done a really good job of making user centered design a major focus regarding the design and overall features of their products. Working with the end in mind, GoPro consistently provides a wide range of products to satisfy the complete variety of needs for their customers. Nowadays, your GoPro connects with your phone offering an even more immersive filming process that really impresses its users. I think it’s safe to say that GoPro as a company could contribute much of its success as a business to the fact that user centered design has always been at the core of their business model, enabling their customers to create a whole world of adventures by themselves.

      – Curran

  6. Hi Curran,
    I really enjoyed your article, I think Go Pro is a great website with multiple products that are doing very well. I think the best think Go pro does as a company is their ability to relate to the customers they are doing business with. Go Pro really trys to appeal to their wide range of customers by showing and describing the different uses of their product.

  7. Hi Curran!

    I have a GoPro, and I love it! I am shocked that it was started by a person, I thought it would have been started by some type of camera company or something. I looked at their website and it’s laid out awesome and has a ton of great graphic design features. The main page looks sort of like business cards for each thing they’re trying to sell or learn more about. It also holds a ton of white space which makes it look more professional and pleasing to the eye!

  8. I love my GoPro and get a lot of use from it on trips to the backcountry during ski season. In terms of graphic design, the videos playing in the background bring a unique aspect to the website, just as GoPro is a unique product. The website also does an excellent job of using white space. The use of white space allows main design elements (like the Hero5 camera on the homepage) to really pop and catch the viewers attention.


  9. I don’t have a GoPro myself, but they do an amazing job of marketing themselves. Part of that is because they can leverage the cool things people do with them. I watch the GoPro Youtube channel all the time because of the different outdoor activities that people film themselves doing. I’m curious to see how they can branch out from the camera or if they’ll continue to focus on that. The amount of money they’ve made is amazing, but not surprising given their use of user centered design.

    1. Hey John,

      Thanks for the reply! I thought you brought up a really interesting point about GoPro’s marketing strategy. By using their cameras to film people doing extreme sports or any other activity, it showcases their product’s fantastic functionality to a prospective buyer. It’s hard to sell a camera product without also demonstrating its ability to create the media it was intended for. GoPro has certainly found a balance that works, and it has played a major role in contributing to their success overall. As this company continues to grow, it will be interesting to see what their cameras can deliver in the future.

      – Curran

  10. Hey Curran,
    I got a GoPro 3 a few years back, and it is still one of my favorite purchases to this date. I use it all the time, and it really delivers on what they say about it. GoPro does an awesome job of marketing their product, and the website matches the marketing plan really well too. When you go on to the website, you see photos and instantly know that they were taken on a GoPro.

  11. Hey Curran,

    I never knew the story behind the beginnings of GoPro, that is super interesting to hear it was formed by a surfer looking for an affordable way to record his trips. I do not personally own one, but am familiar with them because of friends of mine that do. I agree with you that the interface is very intuitive and easy to learn; a factor I believe attributed to the company’s success. GoPro has blown up and is an awesome product!

  12. Hey Curran,
    First of all, GoPro is the only way to do high quality, high action film and photography for extreme sports. I use it whenever I travel for its durability and reliability (can’t always film at 90 meters underwater). I’ve visited the site many a time for upgrades, newer products, and equipment replacement and it is top of the line in terms of professionalism and navigability. I feel like I’m opening a webpage made by Apple!

  13. Curran,

    You have captured the spirit of GoPro which they have displayed in their website. You get a sense that there is something amazing behind just the cameras that they make. The fluidity on the website gives the feeling that everything has been extremely well engineered. The dream of creating the camera that can be taken anywhere an film all the action is revolutionary. Their continued innovation is incredible, especially with their new drone, which they are keen to promote on their site. Ultimately, a really great place to shop even if they only have a few products.

  14. Hey Curran,

    You did a really good job describing the essense of GoPro. I do love how you described the sensation GoPro created for you. The website itself does feel really good. It makes you capture your own dreams and upload them to social media. I have never personally owned one, but I think I will make the jump soon, to record some exhaust clips, and some hot laps.


  15. Hi Curran,

    I thought this was a great post on go pro. I think they have done a really fantastic job marketing towards their target consumers as well as making sure that they align their products with the vision of their company as a whole. Overall, GoPro is a great example of how a company can utilize their assets to make sure that they guarantee their products meet their visions

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