GoPro Although I do not buy a lot of the products GoProo has to offer, it does not affect my interest in the company or the company’s products such as one of the Hero series cameras or a drone.  GoPro is recognized for having made “the world’s most versatile camera.”  For what I always saw as a camera engineered to endure rigorous activities like skiing, dirt biking, or surfing, it is more than a camera that is able to record extreme moments of an individual. It is a camera that attains the ability to capture and record all moments on a broad sphere of the individual’s life.  Going into my sophomore year of college, I started to see people take GoPro cameras to tailgates and parties because I guess if it can handle being submerged deep into water then it can handle a few splashes of beer here and there.

img_1620Pathos GoPro’s website maintains a simple structure and layout that assists in establishing its minimalist style.  The company implements two main composing features: contrast and white space.  Disregarding the product photos and videos displayed on the website, only three colors can be spotted on the website: black, white, and royal blue.  These three offers a high contrast on the website.  When black is used as a background color, white is used as the font color. When white is used a background color, black is used as a the font color while and blue is used to display buttons that will take viewers to a additional pages.  In addition, when white is used as a background is offers another type of contrast to set apart different elements being featured on the website.  It serves as a white space that more strongly catches the eyes from viewers and both separates featured ads as well as directs viewers to the important elements of the ad that lay above the white space.

Ethos GoPro upholds an appealing aesthetic to assert its professionalism and img_1619-1confidence.  In order for the company to get the audience to believe in them, it uses mainly design element alignment, clutter avoidance, and type face.  On the GoPro website, features are aligned in a rectangular descent of dominant images and white space while centering dominant text and supporting information. They use minimal images by limiting two images for each ad: an image the product product and an image of the product itself.  The also use minimal text in both the heading and supporting information. Primarily, the display the name of the product the larges and then they use a short and sharp description of the product followed by a slightly more in depth description of its function.  It uses differences in the type face such as bold font, size, and alternating between white and black font color in order to display which text is the name, description, and function.

Logos GoPro has proven its abilitiy to communicate with the audience solely by the wide range of the audience as well as previous customers.  Adventuress athletes recording their challenges to friends and family capturing moments together, GoPro has targeted them all.  The website has an easy flow for viewers to follows that guides them from ad to ad.  The specifically minimize their key elements in order to let the individual focus on the product by utilizing a one key image or video that displays that capability of the product.  GoPro’s communication is sharp and concise, it presents the information to the reader straight forward.  By using an upfront approach, the potential customers can be easily intrigued by the product and directed into the learning more about it and to what hopefully ends in a purchase.


5 thoughts on “GoPro

  1. Carissa,
    The contrast and white space is very unique to GoPro which I think is really awesome. It is the logo colors as well so it is really full circle and everything works together. One thing that is cool about having such a simple website is that if they ever have really good deals or something special happening they could do a bright color and that will definitely catch the customers eye since GoPro has such a signature 3 color scheme. The pages with the little text and the video/photo do you see this as being lazy? or do you see this as being efficient because really the consumer just wants to see what the product does then read a lot of words.

  2. Carissa,

    GoPro is an amazing brand. Their website really portrays what a great brand they are, and their awesome products. The new Karma drone seems even more amazing, and is going to take GoPro to the next level, when we all thought these products couldn’t get any better. The interaction and real life videos and photos on the website make you want to get a GoPro.

  3. Carissa,
    I believe Go pro is a great brand. When looking at their site I love almost everything about it because of the way they use contrast, and the white background to show what their product is. I also think they do a great job of appealing to a wide variety of different consumers by all the uses you can use their product for.

  4. Hey Carrisa,

    You and I both chose to write our posts about GoPro last week. Surely that is a testament to the company’s genius brand identity. I enjoyed reading your post as you had discussed some interesting points about the company that I did not come across during my research. What you had mentioned about GoPro’s use of whitespace as an effective marketing tool was interesting to read about. I was focused more on the website’s content blend rather than the contrast leveraged by the interaction between this content, and the white space around it. Thanks for sharing this!

    – Curran

  5. Hello Carissa,
    I too agree that there is so much more to GoPro that wasn’t necessarily captured in the GoPro’s website. This really does limits its ability to create strong ethos and is not draw many emotions from cases like you mentioned. I think the simple and minimalist features of the website will cause its users to focus on its primary-selling products. I think the straightforward descriptions you mentioned also appeal to GoPro customers who may not need information you find in descriptions for upscale DSLR cameras.

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