Graphic Design and Emma and Sam

Emma and Sam is one of the major brands sold in the store LF. The clothing can be characterized as basics with a twist, and it is very popular with young adult women. The growing trend of uniquely cut up T shirts, and bodysuits with mesh and lace-up detailing can be tracked back to the unique styles of Emma and Sam. The company boasts themselves for being high quality and being on the leading edge of clothing with novelty design. Emma and Sam is a company quickly growing in popularity, and what was once a brand and style unique to the West Coast, is now taking over the whole country.

Pathos The layout of the website Emma and Sam creates pathos through its design and visual aesthetic. When browsing Emma and Sam’s website for clothes, you will find two major elements Dave Underwood mentions about the pathos of graphic design, contrast and white space. The site utilizes white space to bring the clothing to the focus of the page, and provides a clean background to the site. Whether it is on the browsing page or the individual product’s page, the white space ensures the viewer’s focus is on the product and the information about the product rather than drawn to irrelevant areas. The site’s use of contrast also is a major factor in establishing pathos. The contrast, much like the Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 9.21.16 PM.pngwhite space, is visually pleasing to the viewer. The contrast between the white background and the featured clothing or text provides interest on the page and draws the viewer’s eye to the darker points on the page.

Ethos Emma and Sam’s website does a really good job of establishing ethos in a variety of ways. The alignment system on the site is very basic and clean, following a grid for displaying the clothing that is easy to follow. The Emma and Sam website has a very clean color scheme that consists almost entirely of black and white which even further evokes professionalism and a sense of authenticity. There is no clutter on the site and as I mentioned before, there is white space but it is used in a way that diminishes trapped space, and adds to the design rather than detracting from it. The type faces used on the site are also very clean and stay in line with the company’s modern and clean aesthetic.

Logos Through the use of the various elements on the Emma and Sam website, the viewer is able to follow the site and easily access all the different aspects it offers. The site not screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-10-23-10-pmonly makes it obvious where to go to view and product, but it also makes it extremely easy
to add the item to your cart with a large black button that greatly contrasts with the white background. By having the clothing and important text pop out, it prevents the site from appearing monotone and it really grabs the attention of the viewer.

Tying It All Together Emma and Sam is targeting young adult women who are interested in new, casual fashion. This same audience that is drawn to their unique basics is also drawn to websites that are simplistic in design and easily navigable. By designing the website to mirror the clothing sold, Emma and Sam is able to remain consistent with the image they are trying to present. By accenting what is important and leaving everything else out, the brand is appealing to what their market is seeking out. It is that simplistic design the Emma and Sam website that showcases the new and unique clothing options this brand provides.


5 thoughts on “Graphic Design and Emma and Sam

  1. A lot of websites these days are using this white space and the basic block squares, do you think this is now becoming too common that this website isn’t unique and the format is lazy, or do you see this as they are using a modern template so that makes their fashion up to date? How is it targeting just young adults? Because the photos of the models are young women or because the clothes are ripped up and that has become a main style in younger style?

  2. Hi Carissa!

    First of all, I love Emma and Sam. A lot of LF items aren’t sold online, but I like how Emma and Sam is. I am on their website all the time, and always leave with a purchase. I think their website is so simple yet sophisticated. It’s not too much and almost all their products are neutral toned which makes them look great with the white and black fonts and backgrounds. They do a great job of using graphic design elements.

  3. Carissa,
    I love using Emma and Sam to shop online because LF stores are hard to find. I think their website design makes them look sophisticated and professional. I think the grid layout online is definitely popular for stores like this. It makes everything look more clean and it is easier for the viewer to look at everything. The simple design is great because it really showcases what they think is important and want their viewers to see the most.

  4. Hi Carissa,
    Thank you for sharing this post! I am really happy I saw it because I have always loved the LF stores but I do not live near one so I can rarely go. As you probably know, you cannot order clothes or shop on their website and I did not even think to look up the brands they sell and look at their websites. So I will definitely be checking Emma and Sam out!!

  5. Hi Carissa,
    I enjoyed reading your post, I am so amazed by the amount of clothing line out there, that I have never heard of before. I am most definitely going to check out some of their stuff after visiting the website. Their stuff is fashionable and casual looking but their prices are insane. Their prices are too high if their target markets are young adults because no young adult can shop more than two things on that site due to their prices.

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