Graphic Design of Nike

20160617sponsor0829223Nike: As all of you know, Nike is the largest manufacturer of sporting and athletic equipment, apparel, and gear. The Nike brand has become one of the most recognizable and sought after brands in the world. Nike’s sales are generated because of the consumer’s needs and wants for its products. But a major factor in its large sales amounts is its website, The graphic design of Nike’s website is amazing. It is easy to find what you are looking for because of its use of categories, sub-categories, and even more sub-categories. The home page is very intriguing through its use of images, videos, and large text. Their use of celebrity endorsers all over their website using the products further encourages the consumer to buy the same products.

How They Do It: It is simple, Nike uses the following three key factors necessary to attract people, get them to stay and return over and over. These three factors are getting people to look, getting people to believe, and getting people to understand. In other terms, these factors are pathos, ethos, and logos.

Pathos: Pathos is the aesthetic look of the website. This includes the beauty of the design, ease of layout and composition, and uniqueness. The use of photos, videos, text, and headings in a way that attracts the consumer makes so graphically eye-catching.

Nike contrasts all of its images, videos, and text impressively with the background and other context on the pages. Its use of white space also makes it easy to read and find what you are looking for. Overall, the rhythm of the website is unmatched, and compels the consumer to keep returning.

Ethos: Due to the amazing aesthetic look of Nike’s website, it is easier for the consumer to believe in the website. Ethos involves getting the consumer to believe its voice. In order to do this, Nike uses a professional look and makes themselves look confident. There are no spelling, grammar, or technical mistakes on the website. They are thoughtful in every design move they make regarding the website. Everything is done in a certain way for a reason.

Because of this, Nike conveys a great sense of authority to the consumer. Its celebrity endorsers then further this authority and belief of the consumer. Overall, this authority makes the consumer trust the website and trust the brand. This allows the consumer to become a loyal customer.

Logos: Logos is the logic behind each graphical design decision. It is the designing of things that make sense so the viewer can sensibly pick up the information that needs to be picked up in a logical and rational way. Nike’s logic of how and why they do everything they do gets the consumer to understand the website, and the brand. Their core and immediate message is clear by putting these important messages at the front through the use of large headings.

There is significance for every design element being the way it is. For example, the white space allows the viewer to easily be able to read and see what they want, without the pages seeming too crowded. Furthermore, when you click on “Men”, then “shoes”, the shoes that come up are a variety of styles. This is because the visitor did not select a certain style, which they can do at any point. Even though this may seem obvious, it is logical and rational to give the consumer the best possible shopping experience.

Consumers Will Make a Purchase: Overall, Nike’s use of pathos, ethos, and logos is formulated perfectly to make the website an incredible shopping experience. In turn, these factors affect the consumers in a positive way. If a consumer is questionable about making a purchase, after visiting, he or she will be largely persuaded to make a purchase. The graphical design of Nike’s website motivates the consumer to want to buy its products.


11 thoughts on “Graphic Design of Nike

  1. Tyler,

    Nike is a great company! I’ve always been a loyal Nike fan because I grew up in Portland, Oregon where they have a huge headquarters. A lot of my friends’ parents work for Nike and love the company culture there. I actually visit their website pretty often as well because I feel like they always change it up and the design is really well made. I think the design of their website definitely speaks to the company’s overall brand and what they’re known for.

    1. That’s pretty cool that you’re friends’ parents work for Nike. I’m sure the company culture is very innovative and collaborative. I visit Nike’s website a lot, and always buy shoes off it. The website speaks for what a great company Nike is.

  2. Hey Tyler,

    There’s no doubt Nike’s website is one of the best for users to shop online. As you said, their graphic design is amazing and just motivates people to make a purchase. I believe the reason for this is because their graphic design is a perfect reflection of Nike’s culture there’s just a certain “coolness” to it that motivates shoppers. My favorite place to shop no doubt is Niketown, I could spent an infinite amount of time in the store and what makes their website so effective is that when your navigating it you feel as if you were actually in a Niketown, which if you’ve gone to one you know its a great experience where you just want to buy everything you see.

    1. I agree with you that Nike’s culture is represented greatly throughout their website. I have been to one of the Niketowns, in New York City. However, it was somewhat of a disappointment. The design of the store was amazing, but they did not have any stock of the shoes they were selling. I have also been to one of the Nike Running stores in NYC, which I feel was better than the Niketown store.

  3. Tyler,
    I think Nike does a great job of focussing on user-centered design within their site. The site provides users the ability to get around and access the product they want with ease. The design and adaptability of this site helps the overall brand of Nike remain one of the leaders in its industry.

  4. Hi Tyler!

    I definitely think Nike is one of the best graphically designed websites out there. They used so many components of graphic design that draw you in such as white space, and they also seem credible throughout all the photos. They execute their photos so well without being overwhelming or out of the theme. I could spend hours scrolling through their websites. My favorite thing to do while on the Nike site is to create my own shoe or product.

  5. Hi Tyler,

    I certainly agree that Nike is extremely effective at creating a brand and image that is easy to compel and relate to customers. One of the biggest methods is their use of celebrity endorsements on their website as it helps them create this level of appeal and suggest that any customer can be just like these celebrities if they were to buy Nike apparel. This increased level of ethos through the use of celebrity endorsements definitely adds to their credibility and makes buyers more likely to purchase their products.

  6. Hey Tyler,

    Nike sure does a great job of creating a unique brand image for themselves, as well as for their customers. Nike’s website seems like a direct interpretation of their own company’s logo. In other words, Nike’s “Swoosh” logo is simplistic, yet expresses an abstract, unconventional way of displaying itself upon its consumers, and I feel that same way when I visit their website. Every page has its own subtle feeling of simplicity, yet these same pages are also invoking and draw the view in for a closer look. There is no doubt about it, Nike surely does it right. Thanks for your post!

    – Curran

  7. Hello Tyler,
    I think Nike provides such a great digital shopping experience compared to other websites. The endless amounts of products is one reason I think that enables this. The amount of high-profile endorsements they have definitely creates greater confidence in a buyer of the product they want to purchase. The white space you mentioned certainly does provide a great amount of focus on the products they have listed. I think it’s also notable that they do not have any ads on their website (as of now), creating a less cluttered feeling.

  8. Tyler,

    I hadn’t been on the website for Nike in a while, and decided to check it out after reading your post. I was blown away by how organized the site it, letting you keep narrowing your search more and more until you locate exactly what you want. I agree that Nike has done an amazing job at creating a brand image, especially through their use of high-profile athletes.

  9. Hi tyler,

    Thank you for sharing about nike. I was very surprised to find out that there were things about their website and ultimately their company that I wasn’t even aware about. I hadn’t been to their website in a long time and I was honestly very impressed by how user friend;y, clean and easy to navigate it was

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