Graphic Design within the Website Revolve

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What Is Revolve: Revolve is a Los Angeles based clothing company, similar to Nordstrom or Bloomingdales, but is much more “trendy” and targeted to an audience of mostly 20-30 year olds. It is one of the largest clothing websites and has more than 500 women and men clothing brands. Within those 500+ brands, Revolve sells roughly $400 million worth of merchandise every year. It doesn’t stop there either, Revolve’s profits increase by 50% almost every year since 2012. It’s a growing website that is known for it’s trendy apparel, and professionally yet inviting website.

Pathos: Revolve uses pathos through various aspects of graphic design within their website. First off, they do a great job of using contrast. By using the colors black and white, it creates an aesthetically pleasing look while also keeping it simple and easy on the eye. You also don’t want to take away from your point or what you’re selling, which is where whitespace is important in graphic design. Revolve uses whitespace fairly well for a clothing website, but could improve it through a couple of small corrections. Towards the top of their page, they have their name and tabs for women and men clothing. To the left of this title area, you have a search bar and various other tabs that almost seem pointless and clutter the page. If I were to re-design Revolve, I would take those top right tabs and move them down below since they’re not extremely necessary to portray the brand in any way. This would create extra whitespace around the title and emphasize it more. Revolve also uses creative cropping throughout different clothing items. If they were trying to sell an item like a shirt with a specific detail on it, then they would have the first image you see be the detail to highlight it and draw your attention to it. This is an extremely important aspect of pathos when using graphic design in order to sell something.

Ethos: Not only did the black and white color scheme create contrast but it also applies a more professional and mature look to the website. If Revolve were to use a variety of hues and crazy saturated colors within their website, it would make their website seem less credible and honestly somewhat childish. Trust is especially important with websites. It’s so easy to come across a website that can scam you and when portraying your company online you want to be as professional and trustworthy as you can be. Similarly to portraying your website as mature through colors, it’s important to do it through fonts as well. Revolve uses two similar sans serif fonts throughout their website that are appropriate and fitting to the website. When selling high end clothes, you want to make yourself seem high end as well. If they were to use fonts that were not simple and practical, it would draw away from their mature vibe throughout the website and make them seem less credible and professional.

Logos: An important aspect of logos is to make the the item you’re selling obvious, which is where contrast is reiterated again. When you’re working with hundreds of clothing items, you want to make sure that nothing clashes or makes the clothing look unpleasing which is why black and white were a great color choice and contrast use within the website. You also want to keep the website clean and concise when selling items because you don’t want to take away from the object you’re trying to sell through various colors, and unnecessary designs or details. By adding minimal details and color it again emphasizes the object you’re selling by containing no other distraction on the website besides the clothing.


2 thoughts on “Graphic Design within the Website Revolve

  1. I agree that the door scheme really works with the audience. The colors are easy and simple so the clothes with color can shine and not be too much for the audience to handle. They organize the day clothes with a light color scheme, while organizing the night clothes section in a dark color scheme. Do you agree that the photos not being in their own box makes you want to scroll until you can/t scroll anymore?

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I’ve heard of Revolve many times before but never took the time to actually check it out. Thank you for writing about it in your blog because I am so glad to have learned about it! According to the graphic designers at my job, certain colors like orange supposedly propel people to shop and purchase in psychological theories. Personally, I prefer a website that’s mainly black and white like you and many other classmates. Why do you think this is the case? Is it a new millennials mentality?


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