Little Details Lead to Big Sales

As soon as someone opens Nixon’s website,, they will immediately notice the beauty of the site’s graphic design. If I had to use one word to describe the layout of the website’s graphic design elements, it would be “clean.” Every aspect of the website, no matter how big or small, seems to have been created with specific intentions in mind. The font sizes, font colors, pictures, graphics, color schemes, and page links all seem to fit perfectly together under an overarching design theme. This gives the user specific emotions while navigating the site, and ultimately convinces that user to purchase the company’s products.

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 4.48.41 PM.png

Nixon is a California-based company that started off primarily as a wristwatch retailer, and eventually evolved into a “global lifestyle brand.” Their website perfectly exemplifies this company culture through pathos techniques. The contrast between the laidback surf culture and the premium lifestyle culture can be seen through the site’s contrasting design elements. Pictures of surfers and skaters seem to create a sense of recklessness, but the website designers balance this out with an aesthetically pleasing layout. Each picture is placed in a way that gives the user a sense of harmony and calmness. I believe this gives online shoppers a better overall experience when navigating Nixon’s website.

In addition, the website’s layout becomes much more simplistic as the user navigates from the homepage into areas where products are listed. For example, if the user clicks on the link for men’s watches, they will notice that this page has much smaller text and very few colors. Large pictures of the watches are displayed in rows of three, which allows the user to easily views all of the products without getting overwhelmed. Also, the simplistic style of the product pages effectively gives much more attention to the actual products themselves. I believe this was done so that the user will pay much more attention to all of the small details within each product. This ties into the fact that the company wants to convey a sense of a top-notch quality.

The general layout of Nixon’s website makes the user want to navigate through every page. This is done through the specific placement of each picture, word, link, and graphic on the site. Every element of graphic design is perfectly aligned, and the slight contrast of colors draws the user’s eyes from the beginning to end of each page. Also, I believe the website’s creators believe pictures and graphics have a bigger impact on the user than words and numbers. The oversized and vivid pictures of the company’s products are complemented by very subtle black and white text. This is very user-oriented because it allows the user to get a great sense of the products, without being bombarded by cluttered words and numbers. This might also lead to more sales because there is a better chance that the customer will catch site of a product they want to purchase.

Overall, Nixon’s website is a perfect example of how graphic design can give the customer a great shopping experience, and also give the company more sales. The site’s elements are clearly aligned with the company’s culture, which shows a mix of laidback and professional lifestyles. The placement of each element on the website was done so with specific intentions in mind. For example, the company’s “free shipping and returns” policy can be seen at the top of the homepage in subtle black text. Overly bulky and colorful text is not needed to display this message because the user’s eyes are automatically drawn to this through the website’s layout. These types of little details are what make Nixon’s website a prime example of excellent graphic design.


3 thoughts on “Little Details Lead to Big Sales

  1. Hey Max, this was a really cool post. I really like Nixon and their products so Im glad you chose this website. I really like al the products they sell especially the watches. I would agree with you that when you visit their website you can see how pretty and elegant all the products are. I like how you mention Nixons surf culture. I think this is what appeals to a lot of their customers. I think it makes people comfortable shopping on their site. This idea along with the elegant and almost perfect website makes them so successful. Really good post!

  2. Hi Max,

    I really enjoyed browsing their website after you had written about the clean and simplistic design aesthetic they utilise. Being mainly a watch company, I think it is extremely smart for them to have employed a simple approach, keeping the focus on the images of their products and how their customers use them in everyday life. I also think it’s interesting to note that watches are a very rhythmic good, and the layout and design of their website definitely reflects it as such.

  3. Hey Max,
    I had never been to the nixon website before reading your article, however I am writing this comment seriously contemplating a new purchase. Not only do they have some really cool products, however their website is extremely easy to navigate. Like you said in your post, this is a good example of how graphic design can really draw a customer into the product itself, and furthermore, ultimately make more sales because of the design.

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