Ski Bum Heaven

Between working online from home and going to school online from home, much of my time is sent procrastinating online. When I am not browsing news sources, I am looking at products I wish I could afford to buy. The website I get caught up in most is

Initial Impressions: Upon arriving at the website’s home page, you are immediately greeted by a click-through slide show. Each slide highlights a new product release or a Pro Skier’s profile. As you scroll down, you will see the news section containing all of the latest Ski related news. Opposite this section is Linestagram, LineSkis’ Instagram posts which shows the most recent posts to their account. I find these two sections to be incredibly important. A lot of visitors to this site might not know what exact skis or ski gear they want and by browsing the latest news and Instagram posts the potential buyer will find what they want.

Functionality: As you click through the website, you’ll come to notice the toolbar that remains at the top of the page. This is your means of navigating the website without having to go to the homepage each time. The toolbar gives you the option to check out what skis and ski gear are currently available through Lineskis. You can also check out what the current ski technology is and new innovations in the industry. The “Fun” tab introduces the Linkeskis team and gives a showcase of the recent videos they have produced. And if you find yourself loving this website, you can sign up for the mail list on this toolbar as well.

I particularly like the technology and innovation tab. I always like to stay up to date on new ski innovations so I have the gear that might give me the upper hand on the mountain. For anyone who is looking for the same information, everything is laid out and explained in a very user-friendly manner.

Everything about appeals to the ski bum in everyone. In between checking out products, you are able to follow where your favorite pro skiers are and watch their gnarly promo videos. These videos are more than just entertainment to the viewers; they show potential buyers what skis are better for what terrain. Whether it is park, groomers, or backcountry, after the videos, the viewer will know what skis are used where.

Esthetics: The website layout is incredibly esthetically pleasing. The color contrast between words and pictures makes it so your eyes never strain to read what you need to. It is important that the background of the page does not take away from the information trying to be presented. Lineskis does a great job at this by using a mellow, geometric design without any eye-popping colors.

I think Lineskis does a great job all around with the design of their website. They keep me coming back with their constant flow of new products, but this is not the only reason. They stay up to date with the latest news and product development and as an avid skier, this is very important to me. But most of all, all of the information they share is laid out in an efficient and esthetically pleasing manner.


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