Visual Rhetoric

Intro: Once summer begins to turn into fall, the first site I visit is Throughout the entire season, I am constantly checking the site, adding items to my cart, seeing what is new, what is about to come out, and dreaming about being able to afford all of the clothing and gear on the site. Burton has some of the best snowboards, snowboarding gear, and durable clothing goods in the market. Not only are the company’s products high quality and well designed, Burton does an impeccable job of creating and maintaining their brand through their visual rhetoric.

Web Design: This company is known for having stylish, well manufactured, and unique durable goods. In some aspects they have an intimidation factor, with their intense outdoor imagery,  leaving the customer intrigued. They have pictures of people carving down a rocky white mountain peak, hiking, hitting the edge of a half-pipe, all while supporting Burton gear. In order to keep this projected image, Burton’s website is clean and polished looking. The design is consists mostly of off-white backgrounds and black contrasting text, all of this of which is appealing to pathos.Unknown.png

Not only is the website ascetically pleasing, it is easy to navigate and interact with. The home page when you first enter the site consists of different pages and advertisements for the viewer to explore and scroll through. At the top of the page, the main menu is positioned at the left side of the website. At the other side of the page is a search button along with a shopping cart button. No matter where the viewer wanders off to within the site, these buttons are always accessible. This is important because of logos, the brand has to make sure their customers are collecting and communicating all the right information. They must also make sure that the customer can access exactly what they are looking for, effectively and efficiently.

While most of the site is based around their clothing and their snowboards, they also provide different ways for the customer to interact. For instance they have videos and brief descriptions of Burton sponsored professional snowboarders, like my personal favorite, Mark McMorris. In doing this Burton is creating a culture for the customer to immerse in and experience, which is an essential part of their branding strategy which is expressing pathos and ethos. It is legitimizing the brand by providing access to information on professional boarders that chose Burton. Ethos is being expressed through this professionalism and by presenting it’s self as a well established brand. All the videos, pictures, and the site in general is very sharp and clean cut looking, which is what consumers are looking for.

Final Thoughts: Overall this company does an impressive job of maintaining a prosperous brand. Their excellent knowledge and usage of visual rhetoric allows them to be an elite brand.  With the digital age, it is more important now than ever to be aware of the positive connotations of using graphic design and visual rhetoric to your advantage. With a well established website, a company can access and target more consumers in the way that they intend to, and Burton does just that.



9 thoughts on “Visual Rhetoric

  1. Sarah,
    I am an active snowboarder as well and Burton is a great site for all of the winter products I need. The website is designed in a way that makes it so easy and simple to get around and find the product you are looking to buy. Its extremely helpful before the winter months start to go onto this site and be able to find everything I need to start off a great season of boarding!

    1. Cole,
      I completely agree, Burton is one of my favorite sites for the winter season. The best thing about this company, is that they always have a new line out and ready for consumers by the end of summer, beginning of fall season. The web design is perfect for people are passionate about the sport, and trying to also trying to be stylish. The structure of the site makes it so simple to access exactly what winter products you are looking for, as well as explore others!

  2. Hi Sarah!
    I really enjoyed reading your post, so thank you for sharing! ☺ I too love Burton and everything the company has to offer. Their products are so stylish, but also have great quality for whatever the weather entails. I will definitely have to go check out their site to see what they have to offer for new trends in the fall and upcoming winter. I have been wanting a new ski coat, so thanks again for sharing!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I got really excited when I saw your post, as Burton is one of my favourite outdoors-oriented brands. Burton is extremely effective at creating an image on their website that reflects the intended customers, someone who is interested in being outdoors while maintaining their sense of style while doing so. Their use of celebrity endorsements also helps them add to their image and draw in customers who are loyal to celebrity followings.

  4. Sarah,

    I’m a huge fan of Burton as well; almost all of my gear besides my snowboard is made by them. They’ve stuck around so long because, like you said, they make gear that’s very functional and very stylish. You’re also right about how they market themselves in other ways, which just adds to their well-established brand. I’m looking around the website right now, and even though I don’t need anything it all looks really appealing to buy.

    1. Jon,
      They truly do have the best gear for winter. The best part is definitely how they market themselves in different ways, and create their own culture around their brand. I think this is why they are perpetually the most sought after, and well-respected company in the business. I like your last point as well, even when I’m just browsing and I’m not really looking to purchase, it’s hard not to give in.

  5. Sarah,

    Yes, I was hoping someone would get me stoked for winter in these blog posts. When winter hits, I find myself scrolling through Burton’s website almost daily, looking at all the awesome products I wish I could afford. Burton has done an amazing job at creating a stylish brand utility. Since I was a child, I have thought everything Burton puts out is so cool. I still have think that everything they put out is awesome, and continue to spend my money there each winter season.

  6. Sarah,

    As a kid Burton was one of the few websites I would visit, and I still search around on it from time to time, as it always gets me excited. The way they set up there sight gives a sense of actions and wonder as we all long for those amazing powder day pictures they have. My brother was previously a team rider for them, so I spent a number of hours on the site browsing through their new board and clothing lines as he would explain all the new feature of their gear to me. Definitely a website that sucks you in and makes you want to spend money!

  7. Hey Sarah,

    I have visited Burton before, and search many different types of clothing I could wear during the Ski Season. I really enjoy the fact that there is so much more you can look through on this website, besides basic winter clothing. It seams very easy to navigate, and you are able to find whatever it is you are looking for. I really do find this website addicting, because it honestly is begging me to buy new clothes for the upcoming season.


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