Reflecting On The Semester

Business in Mind:

Looking back at the semester it is easy for me to reflect on all that I have learned from this class. I was coming into this class with an open mind but I had no idea the magnitude of how my business and writing IQ would change. Thinking about the future, I plan to prepare myself for the job market by using all the skills I have learned in this class. The most important skill I will take from this course and use in the job market is my personal writing style that I have transferred into my day to day life. This class has taught me how to get my brand image out into the world and how to make people, and most imprtantly, employers to see me for who I am and see my personal skills and brand. I think I will keep my brand authentic by keeping in mind what has made me the persona I am today, as well as keeping in mind the skills I have learned in this class to keep the focus on business and my personal brand.

Looking at Myself:

This class has taught me to portray myself in a sense that makes my skill set transparent and allows people to see me for who I am and what I have to offer. In the professional world, it is key to be unique and have something that sets you apart from others. This gives you a competitive edge. I think that I will portray myself with this competitive edge from now on. In terms of writing, I will take the same approach of being transparent. I think in writing it is key to get your message out clearly, and I think I have developed a style that allows my readers to see what I have to say in the same way that I intended it.

New Discoveries:

This class has exposed me to many writing styles, and for me I think I have found one for myself that I really enjoy. I would say my writing style is traditional, but has my own unique flair added to it. I think that my writing conveys my message clearly, and often involves stories and personal experiences. These can seem generic and basic, but I try and add some flair to spice up my writing and give it the perfect balance of traditional and modern writing style.

My Accomplishments:

In this course, I have learned a lot about writing and business. At times the writing parts challenged me, so I would say that I excelled in the Business parts and more specifically the website group project. In this project, I learned many things. The first thing I learned from this project was how to work with others in an online environment which is key for online classes. The second thing I learned was how to develop and personalize a website. This was  a very cool experience and I think I will take it with me in whatever profession I choose. The most important thing I learned was about my generation, and the keys that millennials need to follow to become successful in the workplace. Overall I really enjoyed this class. It was not what I was expecting. Coming into this class, I was expecting to have a few blog posts and some papers and maybe the occasional project. This class was a lot more than that. This class dove head first into how to personalize writing styles and how to incorporate themselves into a professional world. I thin the skills I have learned from taking this class will help me deal with challenges better and be a bette professional.



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