Reflection Post

Whats Next?
I cannot believe the semester is already coming to an end. I am currently on the search for an internship for either the spring or the summer to add to my resume. Although I already do have an internship in Denver at EF Education, I think it would be very beneficial for both myself and my resume to find another. I am looking to expand my knowledge in the business world and continue adding to my experiences so when it does come time to find an actual career, I will have a basic understanding of what to expect.

I am hoping that these experiences in my internship as well as classes I have taken at the University of Colorado, will allow me to discover what I do like and what I do not like. I figure it is better to find these things out about myself now, rather than later. By learning these qualities about myself through my college/intership career, I am hoping to keep working on and building an authentic personal brand for myself. The more I actually know about myself, especially in these working environments, the easier it will be for me to portray my true self to potential employers. I am hoping that when it comes down to a real interview, I will have an easier time explaining to people what I can bring to the table in a company and that when I find something I am passionate about I will work my absolute hardest until it is complete.

What did I Learn?

There are a lot of things that this class helped me realized when it came to helping me figure out how I wanted to portray myself through writing. After continuously writing my strengths and top qualities/traits for different assignments, I realized that there was an underlying theme to what I was writing. I constantly was writing wUnknown.jpegords like consistent, hard working, determined, etc. From this I found that ultimately, I want my boss and fellow employees to trust me. I believe each one of these traits I listed above, has to do with trustworthiness.

I want people to look at me in the professional world and know without question that they can trust me. This can be used in many different situations. I want my future company to trust that whatever task I am given, I will complete it in a timely fashion and that is has the utmost quality. I want my company to trust that I will never let them down, no matter the circumstance.

What did I Discover About Myself?

I took this class because I wanted to learn how to write professional documents. These include emails, cover letters, resumes, etc. I came into the class thinking that I had no background knowledge in this department and no idea what I was getting myself into. I found though that I actually have a natural professional voice within my work within even being taught. In my opinion at least, I like how my writing style allows me to sound at least some bit smart and like I kow what I am talking about. I think I am a natural persuasive writer. Although I know I have a lot more to learn in writing to improve my style and voice, I thought it was comforting to know that I have a basic understanding of the art.

Where Did I Excel?

Like I mentioned before, I think my writing style is very persuasive. From this I find that my voice is very easy to hear in my writing and I think I excel in that department. I want each piece of writing that I complete to have my personal touch, whether its an email or a 10 page research paper, I want my audience to have an idea of who their author is.

An assignment that I enjoyed in this class that I beleive I excelled in as well is the resume assigment where we were able to turn our resume into a powerpoint. I never looked at powerpoint as a fun resource to use and this assigment allowed me to change my perspective on that. I was able to be very creative in every aspect and had a lot of fun playing around with different ideas.




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