What’s nextIn spring 2018 I will graduate University of Colorado, Boulder.  Right now I am working at the front desk of a pilates and barre company, The Dailey Method in Boulder Colorado.  I am taking the teacher training exam summer 2017 and will hopefully become a certified teacher to teach at the studio in Boulder until I graduate.  After I graduate I plan to move to San Diego, California to become a manager at The Dailey Method studio downtown.  After having experience as a manager for a few years and seeing a side of the business I haven’t been exposed to before I want to open my own studio in San Diego or Santa Barbara.  During this class we had the opportunity to watch Lynda lessons on anything we wanted and my theme for the PCF was my future pilates/barre/yoga studio.  This gave me a chance to really get ahead and research what opening a business is really like and how much work I will have to put in before actually doing it.  Gaining experience from internships, jobs, and other people will really help me create my personal brand.  IMG_1080.JPG

Importance: This photo represents the day I found out I got the job at The Dailey Method. And the joy it brought me to feel how hard work does pay off.  I am excited to see what the future will hold after gaining experience as a front desk/memberships sales, soon to be pilates/barre/yoga teacher, and helping redesign the company website.  

Who am I, will we ever really know?: In this course we did a lot of work on peeling back layers of ourself.  This helped me really dig deep to realize what really makes me who I am, what my skills are, my weaknesses, who I am to myself, who I want to be in the future, and who I am to other people.  The professional world I learned is about networking.  Communicating with different people and gaining experience is the best place to start.  Before this class started I was struggling academically because I was only looking at the surface level of everything I was learning.  I was spending hours studying, getting close to my peers, and making sure to turn assignments in on time.  I was doing these things to get the grades I need to graduate on time and in good standing.  This course made me read deeper into my courses and see how interesting and relatable everything we learn is to post college.  This course opened my eyes to the professional world that has always seemed so far away but is happening right now.  I learned communication skills with our group projects and discussions posts.  I gained the confidence that I will do well not just for the grade but because I want to get to know my peers, my professor, and obtain the information we learned for post college.  Gaining the confidence to communicate and network I reached out to the head company owner of a company I have dreamed to work at one day.  We had a skype call interview and I took her through a website I created to show my resume in a more visually stimulating way.  With the skills I learned in this course while making our group branding website.  I got to show her who I was in a fun and unique way and confidently demonstrate to her how perfect I was for the job. Before we ended the skype call she told me, “you got the job.”  This job will help me make connections, learn from mentors, and help me make my personal brand.

Going above and beyond: I have excelled in this course by really focusing on communication and watching everything that was assigned to us through Lynda.  The videos all have importance and I enjoyed watching them a lot. I have gotten a lot better at making powerpoint presentations that stand out, designing websites, analytical writing, and decisions based around business topics.  

A change in the right direction: My writing style changed a lot after this course.  I learned how to analyze instead of summarize.  All of the blog post were very helpful in practicing this type of writing.  My favorite blog post was blog post 3: “Understanding audiences.” Each blog post prompt was very relatable for a broad audience.  This one in particular.  This was the blog post that made me go beyond the surface and really start to figure out who I was and the potential I had to do well and how decoding who we are will help us succeed in the professional world as well, because knowing ourselves will help us figure out what job will make us the most happy.  

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