Reflecting on 3040 and Beyond

Experience: This class ended up being very different than I was expecting. I figured the class would be a typical writing course in which the teacher reminded students of how to write business letters, use proper grammar, or address a difficult situation but I was so wrong. Throughout this semester, I have learned how to properly prepare myself for the business world. How to apply, how to behave, how to further a career path. It feels good to learn strategies that are actually applicable to life as opposed to those classes that you know you will never give a second thought after your final.

What’s Next: I’m a sophomore currently, so the idea of the business world is always looming over my shoulder, lurking in the background. Everything I am doing is meant to lead to finding a career in the world of business. However, it has been nice to use my newly learned skills already, as I have been applying to transfer to another college for next spring. I am excited what a new school will hold for me, and for more opportunities to use interpersonal and written communication skills to further myself and hopefully set up a successful path towards a career. I have always dreamt of working for a company that takes corporate social responsibility seriously, a company such as Patagonia. I would prefer to help people and/or the environment on a daily basis.

Future Applications: I am excited to be able to utilize the multitude of skills that I have acquired throughout this course. I am currently applying for jobs at my new school, and have actually enjoyed researching each potential employer and tailoring my application towards them because I knew how much it would set me apart from the rest of the applicants. It is extremely satisfying to be utilizing a class. I also learned so many insightful tips for interviewing through my research in the Organizational Branding unit, and I hope to be able to replicate these in future interviews that I may land. I always enjoyed interviews, however nervous they may have made me, but always just used my personal instincts to guess what was appropriate. I now know how to specifically tailor my interviews for sales associate positions, positions I hope to fulfill someday after graduation.

Personal Brand: I knew a lot about myself before taking this course, however this semester I learned a lot about who I am in the workplace and how I want to be thought of. I had never really thought about personal branding in such literal terms previously, but doing so has made me realize that I enjoy being an employee and taking responsibility. Yet I still keep my positive and fun personality in play. I learned that I pride myself on not only being a good worker, but having a fun personal life and that it is unnecessary to hide tworkplacehis from employers. Perviously I thought employers only wanted to know about a person in the workplace, strictly only professional aspects. However, this semester I learned how to create an appropriate balance between work and play, thus creating a personal brand. I learned that I can be proud of my personal life and even find ways to incorporate who I am in my personal life into the workplace. I hope to continue this brand through personal social media as well as work resources such as LinkedIn. I believe it will add to my credibility and sense of self. I have enjoyed learning about myself and how to portray this person on paper as well as how to tailor myself for specific situations.



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