img_4555Next up: As I reach the halfway point of my junior year, I realize just how close I am to graduating from CU Boulder and making my way into the working world. Now more than ever, it is important to be as prepared as I can be to start my career hunt. I believe one of the most crucial aspects of an individual’s career hunt, is making sure that their personal brand is strong and accurately reflects who they are as an individual. This class has shown me just how important my personal brand is, and I plan to remain focused on keeping my personal brand strong. This includes being accurately represented on my resume, cover letters, my LinkedIn profile, as well as other social media websites. I have strengthened my skills of presenting myself in a professional manner through projects completed in this course.

Portraying myself: In all settings it is important to portray myself in a genuine way. However in a professional setting, it is extremely crucial to portray myself in a strong, positive, yet honest way. How I portray myself has a huge impact on an individual’s opinion of me when we meet, whether that be in person or virtually. It is crucial to have my personal brand align with my goals and views, so that a potential employer can evaluate me in a genuine way. This course made me take a step back and think about whether I am presenting myself the way I should be, online and offline. I learned skills to help strengthen my personal brand online. This is key in this day and age, as most initial meetings between people take place online. Humans form opinions about someone within seconds of meeting them, which makes a first impression extremely crucial. When these opinions are being formed in a virtual setting such as online, it is more difficult to truly see someone for who they are as an individual. That is why it is so paramount to have an online presence that portrays myself how I want to be portrayed.

My personal writing style: My writing style could be described as fairly bland at times, but to the point. I struggle at stylizing my writing to be more interesting to read, however I make the main point of a piece of writing clear and evident. As I continue to work on making my writing more interesting, I accept the fact that not all good writing has to be breathtakingly worded. Some types of writing, such as in scientific settings, need to be to the point without any flourish. I am glad that I am able to write in one style, but would like to expand my writing abilities to multiple styles and genres. I would really like to expand my writing to a more creative style, but I will take my writing progression one step at a time and reach there in the future.

This course: In this course I learned invaluable skills that will aid me greatly in being prepared to start a career search, and how to build my personal brand to portray myself in a professional manner. The Personal Branding Unit is where I found myself excelling in this course. The reason for that is my strong passion to develop a strong, genuine personal brand that I developed over the semester. I had not put much thought into my personal brand and what my presence is like online and offline. I realized just how important these things are, especially as I am preparing to search for careers. This realization rooted a strong desire in me to create and maintain a strong personal brand.


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