Reflecting on 3040 and Beyond

What’s Next: This class made me realize that I am extremely qualified for the career I want to pursue. However, the specific industry I want to go into is fashion, and you need to have experience in that field just as much as you need experience in the job title. I realized that in order to get my foot in the door of an apparel company I will need to gain experience in clothing retail. I am planning on applying to a Marketing internship in Boulder for next semester. FASHION WORLDBut if all else fails, I am going to go down to Pearl Street and hand out my resume to a few, popular retail stores. Getting experience in retail will not only get me a leg up in the career I want to pursue, it will also help me become more rounded and give me more experiences to add to my resume. Lastly, I need to work on my confidence next. This class gave me the ability to realize my goals professionally, so now I need to gain experiences and self-confidence in order to reach them. There are no limits after what this class has given me.

Professional Building: Honestly, after realizing how hard I have worked in school and how much time I have devoted to jobs or outside activities, I want to be portrayed as extremely credible and qualified. That is what I am aiming for in order to build myself professionally in this “internship searching” stage. I declared a major in Operations Management because I believe that one day I will be able to run the processes and operations of a company. It is a big, powerful position that I will one day aim for, so it is very conflicting when I do not feel like I am qualified enough even for the Marketing internships I have been interested in. I am going to continue to sharpen my writing and personal branding skills in order to attract the internships I am interested in. Hopefully building my professional skills, experience in businesses, and confidence, I can become a credible and professional figure in the industry I am passionate about.

My Writing Style: I discovered that my writing style has a lot of voice to it. This is, surprisingly, something that I enjoy about my writing since I believe it makes me more personable and genuine to whoever I am reaching out to. I also enjoy how excited and positive my writing is as well. I feel like it comes across to me and others as being happy and eager about my career and potential – as cheesy as that sounds. I would rather want an employee that was stocked to obtain or be his/her position versus an employee who acted ungrateful and unamused.

My Experience: I have excelled in this coursework by paying attention to detail. I am so dedicated to improving myself professionally and building up my personal brand that my attention to detail made that possible. Now I feel like I have a great grasp on how to succeed in professional writing, professional branding, and pulling experiences and qualifications to prove I am worthy to a company. Even if I need improvements in these areas, I still know exactly what the perfect example of these look like and the steps I need to take to achieve it. I also have excelled in bringing credible information and resources to our projects or writing assignments, even though I could have used some work on the design portion. I need to use these strengths and incorporate them into not just my school and professional work but also into internship searching. Paying attention to a company’s details, backing information with credible facts and sources, and using them to focus on why it makes one worthy of the position will definitely help differentiate me from the other candidates. Thanks for a great semester Allison!


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