Reflection Post

Whats Next?

This course has reaffirmed a lot that I already learned. In the business schoolleeds-school-of-business_200x200, we work on personal branding and preparing for the job market a lot. As I go forward, I want to continue working with start-up companies who believe in being a good and socially responsible company. Maybe next summer, I will move to a different company and work on something other than information technology. My Linkedin, Resume and cover letter is updated to the status that I want. I have had my resume looked over by professionals about 5 times so I am very confident in my work. Obviously I will have to update my cover letter based on what company I am applying to. Now that I have all of that set up, I can start attending career fairs and getting my name out there. As well as working with a start-up in a huge start-up community I am able to have a lot of networking connections.

Portraying Myself

During this class I have learned that i’m a fast writer. I can sit down and work out a paper fast. With this information, I believe it reflects on my ability to get things done when they are given and to stay focussed to the task at hand. This is a great way to brand myself in the professional world. I want to be thought of as a strong business women who has lots of experience in different fields and is able to learn and perform quickly and well. I want to be known as a caring and driven person.

Writing Style

Im not very good at identifying my writing style. I feel like I have grown a little in my writing in the past few years but not a substantially. Like I stated early, i’m not a meticulous writer that goes over every detail. Instead, as soon as I catch on to what I want to write about, I write so fast and if I stop to think I lose my train of thought. My writing flows from an opening with the deep tissue in the middle and then the conclusion at the end. Im not a fancy writer who fluffs up the paper with diction and a unique writing pattern. Im to the point, factual and concise. My writing isn’t anything special and luckily I never want to be a writer but when it comes to writing a blog post, a resume, or a cover letter, i’ve got it in the bag.

Where did I Excel?

I think my strong point in this course was the resume, cover letter and Linkedin portion of the class. I am really proud of my cover letter because it has literally taken me years to perfect with constant revisions and consultations. I have had potential employers praise my resume as well as my cover letters. Two CEOs have looked at it and admired it. I would say that is an accomplishment. I also really like how well my Linkedin done. It has a lot of information that any employer can read through. I have a lot of connections because it is a requirement of the business school as well as I have made a lot of connections through the internships I have had and the places I have volunteered. I think that in the end I am well prepared and well branded for the future. I also excelled on my blog post and infographic on the website. I really enjoyed doing those because I work closely with sales people at my company, so I was able to relate.


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