Pause to Reflect

Life’s Refection

The ability to momentarily put aside the world that surrounds us and take a minute to look inside yourself is definitely a perspective that I have become to enjoy more recently than ever. I believe that pausing to reflect upon one’s self is a vital and necessary part of developing our character, or you could say, “our true selves.” It is here where we are able to take a very good look at ourselves and see who we are piece by piece. I personally thought this blog post assignment this final week was very appropriate because it marks the end of another successful semester at the University of Colorado as well as the end of a major chapter of my life outside of school.

Pausing to reflect is why this upcoming finals week will be different than any I have ever experienced before. I’m currently writing this final post knowing that today has been one of the hardest days I’ve lived in my entire life. Instead of studying for my finals today like most students did, I exercised one of my deep personal values of family to take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to say one final goodbye to my grandmother. Very soon she will be bought back to this earth from once she came. She will follow the path into the light any day now as I write this post. I am so morally grateful that I have spent my whole day reflecting about life’s delicate intricacies with my family as well as with all of you here.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

In preparation of my graduation in May of 2017, I’m finalizing all of the important academic and personal aspects that will help me secure a job before I graduate. While I was sharing some of my most memorable moments with my grandma today, she said something that really made me understand how life goes full-circle. She said to me “you’ve always amazed me how well you can connect with people on an emotional level.” Taking a moment to reflect on this, I realized that I would describe her in the exact same way. After today, it is clear to me that I share my grandmother’s knack for emotional intelligence. I plan on utilizing this immense talent that my grandmother had taught me to truly connect with those around me and help me find a job in the field of finance.

Taking a High Bounce on the Trampoline of Life

Reflecting today has also made me ponder the greater importance of life. It is certainly strange that we live our lives into the future, but remember and reflect upon them in reverse order. When I graduated high school, my grandma told me to “take the high bounce on the trampoline of life.” These words resonate in my mind as I strive to be the best young professional I possibly can be. I want to give my future career ahead of me everything I have to give, and focus on being the very best I can be in the current moment. This class has enabled me to become familiar with many of the ways communication is conducted in the world of business, and has really sharpened my ability to combine my emotional intelligence into formats other than person-to-person.

Talents and Strengths to be Proud of

Seeing my grandmother’s smile and hearing her laugh for the last time has made me feel much more at peace with her passing. Despite being in her darkest hours, I know I made my grandmother unexplainably happy over all of these years. I know that I have made her proud by developing an intelligent and astute writing style that this course has helped me to dial in. I would say that I excelled in adapting to each of this course’s assignments, and allowing my personal writing voice to shine through in unique ways.

One might be able to tell that I attribute much of who I am today to my grandmother, as she played a key role in helping develop my character. I know that this blog post somewhat deviates away from the prompt due to its nature, however, after deeply reflecting today, I now have the clarity to connect my past, present, and future in a way that means everything to me. Through life, family, and those you love. Writing 3040 may end here, but it’s the beyond is just beginning…

Thank you grandma for helping me become who I am today. You are truly remarkable. May your journey into the afterlife be a smooth transition. Rest in Peace. Good-bye and God be with you.



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