Perfecting the Professional Writing Progress

The importance of professional writing. In today’s professional world, writing has become increasingly important. Starting from the job application, we are required to write cover letters and resumes that showcase our desire and ability. Once hired, presentations and work reports are part of the work process. My goal field, marketing, require writings that target the audience directly.

4hg8lh9hoxc-crewThrough Topics in Writing – Business, I was able to learn and practice writing for professional settings. These types of writing include resume, cover letter, presentation and blogs.

Establishing a personal brand. In order to prepare for the job market I desire and begin to establish my personal brand, I plan on starting with social media presence. Social media has become increasingly important in our daily life. According to CareerBuilder, 60% of recruiters check the job applicant’s social media profile during the hiring process.

A different way to showcase my skills. Aside from establishing my personal brand through personal social media pages, I recently made the decision that I’m going to start an Instagram account featuring photography and co-manage it with my best friend. According to Common Sense Media, teens spend roughly 9 hours a day on social media! Almost every brand we can think of are on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Such Instagram account will be perfect for me to practice branding skills required for jobs in marketing.

Having managed the social media accounts for an app this past six months, I became aware of the role social media plays in the overall branding and marketing performance of a company. An Instagram account for a brand can help increase fans, establish brand identity, communicate with users, and run campaigns.

Through this Instagram account, I plan on practicing and demonstrating my skills through photography concepts, photo editing, marketing campaigns and user engagement. Being able to create a successful online presence on one of the most popular social media platforms and establish a brand identity, I will be able to showcase my digital marketing skills to future employers.

Another platform that I plan on building a presence on is LinkedIn. During this course, I discovered that LinkedIn covers a large network of professionals. Features such as certification and recommendation can speak volume for my abilities that may not be shown through the resume alone.

Professional, passionate & personable. As this course progressed, I realized that I want to portray myself as a professional, dedicated, and creative individual in the professional world. I want to seem both responsible and adventurous. My writing will depend on the audience. If the audience are millennials, then I will using slangs with a casual tone. Most of the time, my writing should be informal so the audience can understand and digest the message I’m trying to convey easier. However, if my audience expect to see high level of intelligence in my brand, that’s when I will switch to a formal tone.

Connect with the audience. What I like about my writing style is that I always try to draw connections between the audience and myself. This technique is especially important in marketing. When the audience is able to draw relation between themselves and the messenger, they are more willing to pay attention and accept the message. I also noticed that I’m good at writing puns, this type of humor can help me appeal to the millennial generation.

Showcasing my strength. Personally, I am proud of my abilities to write a successful resume and publish blogs. Part of the reason that I excel at writing resumes is because I have more experience writing resumes than most of my peers. I understand that I need to use appropriate verbs that can really showcase my role in every project and job. I also understand that an outstanding resume should demonstrate both consistency and well-roundedness. When writing blogs, my writing style comes in handy. Drawing connection with the audience, providing useful information, and easy diction are keys to success.

What’s next? I’m excited to apply the skills I’ve learned in this class to the real world. Every big project starts with a small task. Perfecting my professional writing skills will help me go a long way in the marketing field.


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