What Is Next: Being a business student, I always am working on making myself a more attractive candidate for future positions I plan to pursue. While I am still only a junior in college and have three more semesters to go before I really enter the business world, I feel like every job I take leading up to that point is preparing me for being the most qualified candidate I can be. Because of this, I am continuously looking for management positions in the retail field since I eventually hope to be a marketer for a major apparel or cu-leeds-logoaccessories retailer. I am currently in the process of interviewing with companies that fall in line with the apparel and accessories fields. All of this will even further establish the personal brand I am creating.

What I Have Learned: Before this class, I had never established or even considered my personal brand. The most impactful thing I learned in this class was the importance of establishing that personal brand and what exactly it was going to be. Throughout the course, I was able to learn how to effectively portray my personal voice in my writing which strengthened my personal brand even further.

I have always known how important maintaining a positive presence on social media is when it comes to interviewing for potential jobs, but this class helped me discover how to create that positive presence. I had never considered the aspect of branding and only that employers would be looking for the obvious social media taboos. I now know how to tailor my presence to be appealing to the companies I hope to work for. To do this, I mimic the brands I admire in my own personal branding but to remain authentic I make sure that I don’t compromise my own personal voice in the process.

What My Writing Style Has Become: Because of this class, my writing style has become significantly more conversational and has lost most of its stuffy, mechanical tone. In the past, whenever I spoke to people face to face, my tone had always been totally different from my tone in my writing. This class allowed me to discover how to maintain that same conversational voice across all platforms which I am so grateful for, since it makes written conversation flow much better and gives a bit of my personality to the people I am writing to.

Where I Have Excelled: Since high school, I have been a strong writer and I would like to believe that has held true in this class as well. While I think I have done well in all aspects of this course, I think that building my personal brand is definitely the area I excelled at. I had been building it for years without even knowing what a personal brand was, but because of this class I was able to discover how to refine that brand and form it even better than before.

Conclusion: Going into this course, I expected a class based on dull resume workshopping and writing business proposals, so I was surprised to discover how applicable all the lessons were to the career I am hoping to pursue. The class developed me not only as a writer, but as a business professional. I truly believe that because of this course, the person I am online matches the person I am offline for the first time and gives me the ability to show employers who I really am before they meet me. What I have learned here will continue to help me long after this semester comes to an end.



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