I am incredibly satisfied with this course, and everything that it entailed. Being a Communications major, and a Studio Art minor, I never really paid much attention to the importance of personal-branding and how aspects of business are integrated into almost every profession. Throughout the course of the semester, I have realized the importance of being able to write and communicate professionally, but to never lose personal voice. I was originally nervous about this class because I have no real pertinence to business in my academic career. However I have learned that there is a lot of creativity that goes into developing a personal brand in order to separate yourself in the job market.

What’s Next: I want to continue to work on personal branding, and to make my own brand cohesive and authentic. The timely success of my pursuit of a career in the fashion industry will be largely determined by how well-rounded and established my personal brand is. I also need to focus on getting a sound internship before I graduate. I want one that will really set me up well for graduation, and that will help me accomplish my career oriented goals. As a junior, it is time to really focus on my post-graduation possibilities, and how I can make these possibilities become reality while I am still in school. This next year and a half at CU I want to make the most of my time, and really make my personal brand something that is well-rounded and coveted by future employers. I want to be more involved in the fashion community here at CU, and in boulder in general. My dream job is to work for a large fashion magazine like Vogue, a designer, or a large clothing corporation. In the next few years, I want to incorporate this passion of mine into my personal brand in hopes of perpetuating these career dreams of mine. imgres.jpg

Portraying Myself: I truly have acquired many new skills in this course, especially in regards to how I can make a name for myself in the competitive climate of today’s job market. I have learned through this class that the portrayal of yourself in the business world is extremely important. The way that I seek to portray myself in the future is intelligent, honest, creative, and positive. Having a positivistic attitude is something that is extremely important to me, and it is a quality that goes along way especially in the business world. In this class I have learned that through my communication with others, whether it be through writing or talk, you can really have a powerful impact on people.

Writing Style: I discovered throughout the duration of this course that my writing can be very disconnected when it pertains to anything business or career related. This class has highlighted the importance of personal voice, and how it is essential to branding yourself. My writing is much more fluent and eloquent now, I pay much more attention to how my voice comes through the words that I utilize. I came into this class thinking that my writing was not professional enough, and that revealing any bit of personality through my writing was inappropriate. The course has truly broadened my perspective on the business world, and I think that my writing style is more professional than it has been in the past, while also maintaining a sense of my personal brand.

Excelling: Areas that I excelled included graphic design and visual rhetoric. Being a Communication major, and a Studio Art minor, I had a unique perspective on this course and all that it entailed. These subjects that we covered I truly enjoyed working with, and the assignments further enhanced my knowledge and reinforced how important both are in this technological age. Ultimately, this course allowed me to really focus on who I am as a student and potential employee and who I want to be when entering the work force.


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