GraduationWhat’s next:  I have learned the importance of writing. I have ranked them accordingly to the way I defined myself. English is my second language, so it is hard for me to write a flawless essay without making any grammar mistake. I feel like this class have helped become good at writing though I still have a long way to go. This class hasn’t only shown me the importance of writing but it has also helped me in my fear of public speaking through the professional development assignment. I have learned so many things like for examples, personal branding, creating website and presentation. It has shown me all the many helpful resources out there that are will be useful for my education and filling in all the missing pieces I was missing on my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn. I am a very fair person and I know the influence of writing cannot be overlooked at a workplace. I strive to become a very good writer in the future. I will be graduating in the May of 2017 at the University of Colorado Boulder with my Bachelor degrees in Accounting, but I will still be taking classes to fulfill my requirement for a CPA exam. I am currently working as a student debt management at the Bursar’s office and I will be working there till I have taken all the course I need to accomplish my CPA. I have recently started applying for jobs at companies I wish to work for. I plan to start taking classes required of me over the summer for my CPA since I will still be staying in boulder.

Portray myself: This class has taught me so many ways to portray myself. It has taught me to stay positive, respectful, independent and to be successful. It has also taught me the importance of communication. It has taught me to pay attention to the cultural norms in an organization, and follow them. I watch how others in my office operate themselves, and learn all sorts of important things about how things are being done there and how each one corporate. I have learned to be pleasant and polite to people, even if I don’t like them. The professional world hold a huge opportunity for me and I am guaranteed to work with people whom I just don’t care for, and even with people who aren’t very nice. I have learned from this class how to be prepare for situations like this. I have learned to that I will look far more professional if I don’t let problems this get under my skin and instead remain cordial and easy to work with. I have learned to take work seriously. If I make a mistake or something doesn’t go well, I shouldn’t brush it off or use cavalier responses like “my bad.” But instead accept responsibility for my part in what went wrong.

Discovered: I have discovered that I tend to not Speak up when work isn’t getting done on time or when there are problems with a project. I have discovered that part of taking real ownership for your work means that you’re responsible for alerting your boss or professor when things are going off course, rather than trying to ignore it or just hoping that no one notices. Also, I get angry or defensive when things don’t go the way I wished it would have. I have discovered that I need to write clearly and professionally, meaning no text speak, and correct punctuation and capitalization. This class has helped me planned how to get my future career right.


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