Whats Next:

The real world. In a couple weeks I will be graduating from the University of Colorado, and will be focused on developing my career.  In this class, one of the biggest takeaways I have recognized is the importance of personal branding. More specifically, I have learned that creating an authentic personal brand is great tool to market yourself.  Furthermore, by creating a personal brand that represents me, will only help myself showcase what I am capable of.  It is apparent that the job market can be an intimidating thing for people in my position, however with some of the things I have picked up in this class, I hope to be able to differentiate myself from the rest of the pack.  

Self Portrayal:screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-10-28-20-pm

Another thing that I will take away from this course is the idea of how I want to be portrayed in the professional world.  Before this class I understood the importance of this topic, however I was not fully aware of the things I could work on to grow in this aspect.  Although this course goes over a few ways to improve your perception in the professional world, I believe that communication is the area where I can still grow.  Not only is communication essential to both being perceived as professional, however there are different expectations than I have had of myself in my academic career.  For more information on tips to improve on communication, check out this article!

Self Discovery:

In addition to learning what I can improve on, one thing that I discovered while in this class is how to write with more of a personal touch.  Throughout school, I have always seen myself as a good writer, however I have always favored the more formal types of writing.  While enrolled in  this course I realized that I had the ability to weave my own personal voice into my writing too.  More specifically, the blog post assignments were somewhat of a foreign style of writing for me before this class, however after a couple I began to get a grasp of it.  

Where I have Excelled:

The one area where I can say that I have excelled in the most during this class is online design.  Before this class, I had never had any concrete experience with designing things such as websites and infographics.  Although I have not mastered this topic, I feel able to tackle a project that involved designing in the workplace.  In addition to working on the website for the group project, I also created a personal website in which I can use to not only help my online digital branding presence, however I can show employers and potential employers this website to show my skills in this area.  

In Conclusion:

Looking back at this course, I can can definitely say that I have improved my writing skills.  However, what I see more important is that I have learned how to tailor my writing, communication, and online skills for my professional career.   Furthermore, the assignments such as the PDU exercises, the group project, and the Personal branding unit were specifically helpful before I start my professional career in January.  


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