What’s Next: I have learned a lot about the importance of personal branding over the course of this semester. One of the most important takeaways from this course, in my opinion, is what we have learned about be conscious of our online presence. Since I have already secured a job, I do not need to do much more to make my personal brand more attractive to employers at the moment. However, I will continue to work on areas that will update my personal brand as I progress in the job market. I feel that it is important to continuously update my LinkedIn profile, and ensure that my online persona is up-to-date in a professional manner. My main goal is to keep my personal brand up-to-date in the most cohesive and professional way possible. I also want to continually look for up-to-date and nuanced ways to promote my personal brand identity.

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My Self-Portrayal: I learned a lot about the importance of being aware of how I portray myself in the professional world. It has become apparent that I should promote a sense of confidence and leadership in the workplace because I believe this is the best way to advance up the corporate ladder. Another important lesson I learned in this course is to be aware of my writing style, and the audience to which I am writing. This course has taught me to be professional in my writing, but to also not be overly pompous, while maintaining a certain level of personality. I will be more conscious of my writing style, even when it comes to something as simple as a short email to a colleague.


Writing Style: One of the realizations I came to about my writing style this semester is that I have a professional style, but also an identifiable personal voice. I like the fact that I generally write in a business style because I feel that it is always better to be professional when possible. Another aspect of my writing style that I like is my ability to convey something in a rather succinct manner. In my opinion, it is very annoying when people drag out one small point in multiple sentences. This class has taught me how to say what I want to say in the most succinct way possible. It was also interesting to compare my writing style to the writing styles of other students because it helped me learn a lot about myself.


Where I Excelled: I feel as if I have really excelled in this course in the group project because that was the area of the class where I put in the most effort. I really wanted to do well on the website project because I found it very interesting to work on. The project helped me learn a lot about website development, and organization in a business setting. It was also helpful to work with a group for an online class because it is reminiscent of the types of group projects I will be working on in the business world. It was also very interesting to work on the sample blog posts because I learned a lot about a topic (diversity in finance), which I initially did not know much about. Another area where I feel like I excelled in this course is the blog post section. I feel like this area of the class really helped me find my professional voice, and helped me develop it over the course of the semester. This class was overall very helpful, and I feel much more prepared to enter the business world, and conduct myself in a professional manner.


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