Reflection Post

For me now that this semester is coming to an end it is time to close a chapter of my life and open up a new one as this is unfortunately my last semester here at CU. In a week’s time I will be graduating from CU and opening up a new chapter of my life, the first step in this chapter is going into the job market and finding a job. Even though I am sad to be leaving CU I am excited for this new chapter in life, which is finding a job and becoming a professional. The first step in this is finding an ideal job that I will enjoy and see myself making a career out of and in order to do this I need to stand out from others whom are in the same situation as I am. To stand out from those in the same situation as myself I will need to make my personal brand cohesive and authentic, basically bring uniqueness to it.

The way I plan to make my personal brand cohesive and authentic is to emphasize my past labor experiences. I feel my past labor experience is unique from others due to the different types of internships I have worked in. I have had three internships and all have been in different industries: Cemetery and Funeral Services, Banking, and Manufacturing. These industries also do not have much similarity between them, which makes my background very unique. Working in these different industries definitely gives me a diverse background that will open up a ton of opportunities in the job market for me, I am a double business major in Finance and Management so do to this I have a wide range of potential job options available and my past labor experience is something I plan to emphasize a lot because I feel that the different skills and things I learned from each of them will be something that gives me an advantage over other candidates.

What I learned about the way I want to portray myself in the professional world is mostly that I want to portray myself as a team player with a very open-mind and great interpersonal skills. Through my three internships I have learned the importance of being a great team player, almost everything in business is done through teamwork and it is essential that one knows how to not only work in groups but how to communicate effectively with your co-workers and be in sync. I have always been an open-minded individual due to the fact that I came to the US from Venezuela and have also had the privilege of traveling through many parts of the world and having an open-mind in business is essential because as we know business is constantly changing and in order to adapt to that change and take advantage of it one must have an open-mind and be willing to change. My interpersonal skills are something that I have built up through my past internships and working in groups, it is essential that one knows how to get along with their co-workers because it will not only make work more enjoyable but also simpler, which means the end product on whatever project one is participating in will be ways better. In my opinion these three factors are essential in business, which is why I want to emphasize them in portraying myself.

I feel that in this course I discovered more things I did not like about my writing style compared to things I do like, which is good because I learned how to be a better writer. One of the things I liked most about this course was reading other students’ blog posts and commenting on them, through this I feel I got to see a lot of different writing styles and learn from each of them and later incorporate what I learned into my own writing style. Where I most excelled in this course was with the Personal Branding Unit due to the fact that my next step in life is entering the job market. Many of the activities we did regarding the personal branding unit really improved the way I portray myself in the job market such as working with linkedin and our resumes. I also gained experience in the job application process by completing the organizational analysis and then writing a cover letter, so it was good practice doing these Personal Branding exercises given that my next step in life is entering the job market.




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