A Better Me

While over the course of the semester we have learned how to create websites, resumes, cover letters and many other things, we have also learned something more. We have learned about ourselves. Its not often that you take the time to review your own achievements like you do with a resume, or brand yourself in a website. This time for introspection is something that we don’t do enough. It allows us to understand where we’ve come and how we will keep moving forward as the professional horizon approaches.

Best Foot Forward

Taking this time to breakdown who you are and how to present yourself in a professional manner is something that helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. It gives you the ability to see where you excel, and where you fall short. This is all part of the professional development process that will carry you through into the real world. For myself in the past semester, I’ve come to understand how to put myself out there in the 20160209072220-shutterstock-274866704best light possible so that employers, my peers, and all those around me can see me as the best version of myself. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun and let loose, but it does mean when a reference drops your name off at the recruiters desk, they have only positive things to say.

Personality in Writing

When we think of business writing, many boring things immediately hop into your head. The dreaded academic writing in a text book is the image that I imagined. After going through this class, the realization that professional writing and presentation still includes huge elements of personality, and without it seems stale. This has opened up the door for me in regards to how I present myself to the professional world that I will become a part of in the near future. Adding that splash of personality is what can give you the upper hand, as an employer will see you for the complex person you are rather than another robot
without personality.

Course Learning

Coming into this course I was convinced I already knew all the facets of business writing that I would need. I had gone through countless resume critiques and cover letter seminars with my business fraternity prior to the course. I was proven wrong by the amount of professional knowledge I have gained from the course in regards to alternative ways to present yourself. This included the team website, and presentation specifically to a millennial group. Having to take into account an audience’s perspective that is out of the realm of the usual middle aged professional was rather eye opening.

Alternative View

Looking through this lens is something we all need to do when entering into the professional world. Realizing that your audience may be different in every scenario makes you take a step back to analyze what the best way to present yourself may be. For our project we chose to cater to individuals trying enter into finance. This made me stop and think about how you would approach a finance interview differently than you would a marketing interview. Being able to adapt yourself to appeal to the eye of the entity you are trying to impress is a very important skill that I would have otherwise breezed over.

Course Reflection

In all I think I excelled at the parts that I had previous exposure to. It was more building on what I had learned. I think the parts I did not excel in, where much more valuable as I wouldn’t have been exposed to them. For example the visual resume was a difficult task for me, but it gave me a better understanding of how to present myself in a new way. Overall business writing has taught me how to present myself in the best light possible.


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