Hey Guys, This is Me.

Recognizable Me:

15349633_1309659469065372_3790951832607078052_n         Hey guys, this is a picture of me in Breckenridge, CO. I am a junior at CU majoring in economics and political science. I am originally from the Bay Area, California, but I have found Boulder to be a great place to go to school! I play soccer, ski, and golf during my downtime. I actually played soccer on the club team here at CU, but I recently stopped to focus on school. I plan on applying to law school after undergraduate school and I hope to go back to California to study. I am the one in the sweatshirt and the vest.


Where I’m At

I am most likely going to be returning to California for the summer to do a LSAT review class. I have learned that a majority of students who take LSAP prep classes do significantly better, and I have linked an article talking about the preparation processes LSAT prep. My decision to avoid an internship this summer is rooted primarily in the fact that doing well on the LSAT is far more lucrative for me than gaining experience in the work place. I have utilized the last few summers to gain some work experience so that I could center all my energy on the LSAT for my last college summer. This includes working at Brooks Brothers and working under an intellectual property lawyer in my home town.

What I Want

After watching the lecture videos for this course, I have become excited to learn more about how to advertise myself. We live in a world where almost everyone is capable of getting a college degree, and I understand that by taking this class seriously, I could give myself a step-up by merely making my skills more attractive to employers Degrees becoming less valuable. One reason I am taking this course online is so that I could learn how to navigate through programs and sites like WordPress because that seems to be the future of business. I have been exposed to coding and programming before, but I have not seen platforms like this one. I am lucky enough to be taking this course with some of my friends, so I hope to also utilize the course’s projects to increase my work ethic with a group.

Where To Find Me

I have Instagram and Facebook accounts, and I will generally check them every day. I mentioned that I used to play soccer for CU, but I will still go play at the indoor field at the REC, so you could find me there. When the weather is nicer, I will end up playing golf once or twice a week at the Flatirons Golf Course or I will just be hitting at the range. I am not much of a hiker, but I have recently had the urge to walk up some of the trails around Flagstaff. Since I am getting closer to the end of my time at CU and I am beginning to apply for Law Schools, you will definitely be able to find me in the library. I am taking a full course load and I am working on getting as good of a GPA as possible. I used to go to the movie theaters a lot at home, however, since I have been in Boulder, I have been much less. I will end up watching a lot of movies at my house, but it has been a long time since I have seen a movie in theaters. My favorite movie of all time is Step Brothers and Will Ferrel has to be my favorite comedian. So I guess you could find me watching movies on my couch as well.



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