Little Bit About Me!!

(I’m the guy on the left; my father is on the right)

16266073_10207317433328321_7516825808084900356_nRecognizable me: Hello everyone!! My name is Riley Combs and I am from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. For those of you that aren’t so familiar with Denver and surrounding suburbs, Highlands Ranch is only about an hour south of Boulder. I have lived in the same house for just about my whole life and didn’t want to leave Colorado when deciding on colleges, therefore I decided Boulder was a much better fit than the school my older brother went to in Fort Collins. I thoroughly enjoy going to school here and try my best to take every advantage I can to progress myself while I am here. I love pushing my self to take on new roles and new challenges. I currently am a junior with double major in Leeds School of Business studying both accounting and finance. I also had a minor in Chinese but had to drop it or else I would have to stay an extra semester, which would interfere with jobs after I graduate next May. Lastly I am also a part of the Leeds council, which is essentially the student government of the business school. I really do enjoy being as involved with something as I can and try to help benefit from the experiences I take part in.

Where I’m at: This past summer I spent 3 months interning in Shanghai, China by myself. It gave me great experiences to get more engrained into the culture and practice my speaking ability over the summer. I learned a lot while over there and hope I can return in the future to do business of some kind. Ideally I would like to work for a company that does business in both America and China so I can travel back and forth to visit some of my favorite places in that beautiful country. This upcoming summer I will be interning full time with the Treasury Capital Markets team at Charles Schwab in Lone Tree, Colorado. I can’t wait to take all the skills and knowledge I have gained from CU and apply them in real world applications.

What you want: Yes I am here because I am required to be, but why not make the most of it while I am here. I really want to progress my writing abilities and continue to learn about different ways to write in different scenarios. In both of my degrees there isn’t a whole lot of writing taking place (mostly math, excel, and logistical information), therefore I need to find a place where I can continue writing and not fall behind. That is why I believe this class will be a huge benefit to my writing ability.

Where to find me: If you get to know me, you will know that I am always in the business school library studying, hanging out with friends, or working. I like to keep myself busy during the semester because as my mother always says, “idle hands make for trouble times.” I also love to ski and play basketball in my free time. Spending time outdoors with people I enjoy is one of the main reasons I just couldn’t leave Colorado. I grew up Skiing, camping, hunting, and finding all sorts of new ways to love the state we live in. I have always seemed to find new places to explore in Colorado with my family and friends, which just make this state, grow and grow for me. Next summer I will be going to Grand Junction for country jam with my family to experience a new part of Colorado and take part in listening to some great new music.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to getting to know you all better and better this semester.


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