img_2124Hey guys! My name is Jack O’Neil and I’m a operations management major here at CU. Sorry if you feel mislead from my title but I’m self-centered, and find this introduction rather important. That’s me on the left taking lettuce out of that kids mouth. I was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado and have fortunately never had to move. I love everything about Boulder and am so glad that I decided to stay in state.

So far I’ve managed not to fail out of school and have actually developed a vested interest in my studies. Although I’m not quite sure what type of career I’d like to pursue I’m simply enjoying learning about the business world. The closest thing to a plan that I’ve developed is a potential internship at United Airlines over the summer. Currently I’m employed at Sunglass Hut at Flatirons Mall, so if anyone is in need of stylish new shades for spring time, I’m your guy. Regardless of what career path I follow I really hope, beyond everything else, to be able to travel. My goal is to end up in New York City; I visited over New Years and the impression it made on me was monumental.

To be honest, I dread all writing classes in general. Ever since high school I’ve struggled with fluent writing, and formulating organized paragraphs. My strategy since then was to just to try and avoid them all together. After a meeting with my advisor, combined with the realization that writing is a relatively essential part of joining the adult world, I figured I’d give a genuine effort to improving my writing ability. To prepare for this class, I even did a little background research to educate myself on ways to improve my writing. It may sound remedial, but my goal in this class is simply to be able to translate my verbal intelligence to my colleagues and professional superiors through writing.

I would say most of my strengths reside in the social aspect of life. I spend most of my free time conversing in all manners with friends and the people closest to me. Not to continually revert back to my career path, but my ideal profession would involve tons of social interaction of some form. I’ve learned through my time at college that you should never underestimate the things a charismatic person can accomplish.

Bizarrely enough, I find it completely mention-worthy that I’m obsessed with movies. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m almost entirely a visual learner but something about movies is so fascinating to me. My all-time favorite movies is Holes with Shia Leboeuf, but I think the best movie I’ve seen in recent years is Interstellar with Mathew McConaughey. However there are times throughout the day that I can’t necessarily invest 2 hours of time into a movie. For those instances I love TV shows. My favorite TV show has to be Game of Thrones. It’s freeing to revert back to the medieval days and really get in touch with your inner nerd (there’s one in all of us). Given that that show is on so rarely I usually find myself indulging in the classics like The Office or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

I can’t wait to connect with all of you, even if it is an online class. I’m excited to improve my written communication ability and quite frankly to become a more well-rounded person.



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