This is Me!

unnamedRecognizable Me:

Hey everyone, my name is Will Matthews, and I am currently a Junior in the Business School here at CU. I am majoring in Operations Management as well as receiving a certificate in Real Estate. I grew up in Greenwood Village, Colorado, which is only about 45 minutes from Boulder. Despite being so close to home, you will never find me going back there unless it is to steal food from my parents or play some golf with the family when it begins to warm up. I am a golf enthusiast, as I will get into later in the post. I enjoy being having good times, making memories, and never taking myself too seriously.

Where I’m At:

Typically, I stay in Denver every summer, but I am looking forward to the possibility of spending the month of June in Spain to learn more about Real Estate Development. This past year, I began an internship at a company called “The Global Food Exchange” which is working to develop technology in long lasting food and supplies packaging as well as overseas storage that can be utilized in the event of disasters. Though I still help out in small ways all year, I have turned my focus towards education and developing my knowledge in Operations Management and Real Estate. Though The Global Food Exchange has been interesting and beneficial, I am hoping to begin to find an internship that will benefit my interests and desired career path.

What I Want:

I am hoping that this class will help me to further develop my writing skills, as well as the way that I express my thoughts and ideas through my writing. I feel that the world has moved and continues to move towards a more digital way of communicating. As this new generation of students get older, they bring more and more technology into what they do. I think that learning how to communicate and persuade through writing is becoming more important than ever. I am excited to use the resources that are being provided and learn how to navigate through them. I am hoping that this course is something that I can use and look back on as being extremely beneficial for me. Not only in my ability to write, but in my ability to differentiate myself from others as I continue my search for life changing opportunities.

Where to Find Me:

I am on Instagram and Facebook, and I check them quite often. My passions all have to do with being active. My favorite thing in the world is playing golf. Some people, of course, find that boring, but it is a passion of mine that developed at an early age. I am hoping to relocate somewhere warm in the future for the sole fact of being able to play whenever I would like. I spend my Colorado winters staying active through basketball, and the occasional weekend in vail to snowboard or ski. During the week, I typically spend my time studying, or meet up with friends to avoid studying all together. I enjoy reading, as well as re-watching my favorite shows on Netflix. Something weird about me is I never watch shows that have episodes over an hour. Any longer than 30 minutes and I will almost surely lose interest.

Outside of my professional dreams, there is a big personal goal I would like to achieve. When I turned fourteen years old, I decided I wanted to play the 100 highest ranked golf courses in the world. Again, I am a golf nerd. For those who don’t play or watch the game, this is nearly impossible to do, but that won’t stop me from trying. As of now, my Dad and I have been able to play 22 of them. Each one we play, we take a picture and write down everything we noticed and liked about it. We then place it into our own ranking as we see fit. Many people won’t understand, but it has become such a big part of our lives that I have a hard time not talking about it.

I look forward to a great semester.


One thought on “This is Me!

  1. Will,
    I think it’s good to have something you’re passionate about. While it’s not quite the same as playing the top 100 courses, I try to challenge myself to read 100 books a year… I’ve only made it all the way once in the past few years, but I always get to at least 50, so I like to think I’ll get there someday.

    Welcome to class.


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