A Very Basic Overview


Recognizable me: Hi everyone, I am excited to be taking this course with all of you! This is a photo of me while I was on a trip visiting my sisters in San Francisco. I am a finance major at the University of Colorado Boulder, and I am in my senior year. While my sisters live in San Francisco, and I live in Boulder, I am originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and am a Canadian studying abroad. I absolutely love finance, and investing in particular, and hope to build a career in that area post-graduation, either in the United States or in Canada.

Where I am at: I am currently living in Boulder, Colorado, where I have made my home for the last few years. I have found it to be a great place to live, with wonderful people, great activities, and stimulating work. As I mentioned above, I am a senior (graduating in December 2017) at the University of Colorado Boulder, and am looking forward to graduating and beginning to build a career. While I do not have a typical job, I invest all of my own money for myself in a personal portfolio, which is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable pastime (when it goes well at least!), and something that I would like to transition into a full time pursuit in the future.

What I want: While I am required to take this course for my major, I want to push myself so that I can become a better writer overall as well as in a business context. Furthermore, I would like to excel in this class by bringing my own unique perspective and insight to it, and achieving great results. I am a very hard worker who takes academics and my future seriously, and would like to demonstrate that, both through getting these results and learning important writing and communication skills that will serve me down the road.

Where to find me: You’ll find me either at home (working), or at school (also working), most of the time. While I have always tried to challenge myself, I have not always been as driven as I am now, which has pushed me to try to accelerate my education as much as possible. I am currently taking twenty-one credits at the University of Colorado Boulder, as well as studying for my Chartered Financial Analyst Level One exam, which does not leave me with much personal time for other pursuits. This is the most amount of work I have ever attempted in a semester, and while it can be overwhelming at times, I have no doubt that the reward at the end will be worth it.

If I do manage to escape work for a few hours, I tend to spend it with friends as much as I can, either on the slopes, having great meals and conversation, or exploring Colorado. While I am prioritizing work right now to an unhealthy degree, I find these experiences to be the most vivid and rewarding of my time in Boulder, and they serve the important purpose of keeping me sane.

My other hobbies include a few sports, hiking, personal fitness, and investing. I love to hike, and my three favorite trails in Boulder are Sanitas, the Royal Arch, and, if I am feeling a little lazy, the first two Flatirons. While not as enjoyable as being outdoors, I also love to work out and find it to be a crucial piece in my life that keeps me motivated in other areas, such as school. I also play tennis whenever I can find a partner and the time, and really enjoy this important outlet for my competitive side.


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