Getting to Know Me

 Recognizable Me

img_1131Hi my name is Madison Wendell Severy, but most of my friends call me Wendell.  I am a senior here at CU, majoring in International Affairs, and I am in my last semester!  I am originally from Santa Barbara, California, but I spent half of my childhood in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  So I’ve lived in the mountains and by the beach, and now I’m here in Colorado back in the snow (I prefer the beach).  Although I love Boulder, I usually try and travel most weekends, whether it’s somewhere else in Colorado, or back to California. I love to ski,  I am scuba dive certified, and I am currently working on getting my single-engine pilots license.  That picture is of me and my dog in SB  this past break.  He is a black lab, but he thinks he is small enough to be a lap dog…

Where I’m At 

After four years of hard work, full class schedules, and a continuous cycle of seemingly impossible assignments, I was lucky enough to end my last semester of college with only a few online courses.  I’ll admit, I am a little lost on what to do with all of this newfound free time, and although I have a job babysitting for a few different families, I have spent most of the last two weeks excessively sleeping, eating, and binge watching Netflix.

Anyways, although I am excited to be in my last semester of college, I am a little nervous as to what I am going to do next.  I plan to move back to Santa Barbara for the summer and work at my old job as a waitress, hopefully saving up enough money to fund my ever growing travel plans.  International Affairs is a very broad major that opens up the door to endless possibilities, and I believe that at this point in my life, the best way to figure out how to translate my major into a professional career is to explore what this world has to offer.

What I Want 

I first chose this class because it sounded like it would be the most applicable to the real world, and help me develop skills that would be especially beneficial for my post-grade life.  I was excited to learn that we would be working on not only developing our professional writing skills, but doing so in a way that would stay true to ourselves.  I feel that it is incredibly important to differentiate yourself in the job market from every other applicant with a college degree, and I believe being able to present myself in both a personal and professional way will give me an advantage.

Although I have professional desires and goals, I want to spend my early 20s gathering as much world experience as I can by working in extreme and exciting environments.  I would love to gain my scuba dive masters and teach diving somewhere in Indonesia or near Australia.  I want to gain as much work experience in as many odd jobs as I can before I settle down and find a career path that suits me.

Where to Find Me

I am on Instagram and Facebook, but I usually don’t post or upload that much.  I spend most of my weekends in the winter skiing with my friends, usually at Breck or Keystone.  In the fall and spring I usually try and travel, mostly to Denver or Colorado Springs.  However, you won’t be able to find me anywhere in Colorado this upcoming week because I am going to Mexico with my parents!!  Just another benefit of online classes.

I live with five other girls so my house is pretty chaotic, especially when Thursday night comes around.  A lot of my friends own dogs, and our house is known as sort of a zoo seeing as how we watch so many different animals. I like all sorts of music, except country.  My favorite hike is one in Santa Barbara that has a the most spectacular view of the coast and mountain ridges, called Cold Springs trail.  The most recent movies I have seen are all pretty terrible, yet incredibly entertaining Lifetime movies.


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