Hello, my name is Alec


Recognizable me: Hey everyone! My name is Alec Brudzinski and I am a senior at CU studying finance and entrepreneurship. I am originally from Orange, New Jersey but have spent the majority my life out here in Denver, Colorado. I also am a transfer student from Clemson University where I ran track and field. After dealing with injuries at Clemson I decided to transfer to the CU and join the Leeds School of Business.

The picture I shared is of me on the most incredible hike I’ve ever been on. Two summers ago I hiked Mt. Sneffels, a 14er in southwest Colorado near Telluride. Obviously, like many Coloradans, I am an avid outdoorsman and don’t see myself leaving after graduation. This summer I picked up fly-fishing and have enjoyed learning this new skill but have yet to have much success. I am very involved in Leeds but I am excited to graduate in May and explore the world outside of Boulder. I have traveled to Argentina and England, but plan to travel throughout Europe this summer.

Where I’m at: I have experience working in entrepreneurial ventures, specifically in the sustainability industry, but I currently work at Crestone Capital, a wealth management firm in downtown Boulder. I’m not sure which path I will enter as I start my business career but my goal is to eventually start my own company in the future. This summer I split my time between Boulder and Denver as I worked at Crestone Capital and continue to work there throughout the school year. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Boulder but I’m ready for the opportunity to explore my surroundings and experience bigger cities and secluded towns. Traveling is certainly something that is a part of my family as my parents have lived throughout the U.S. and the world, and my sister studied in England and joined Cirque Du Soleil after graduating. Cirque allowed her to travel throughout the U.S. and Europe, and provided me an excuse to visit her and see the shows for free.

Before I graduate Boulder you can find me working at Crestone or in the Koelbel library working hard. I take my education seriously as well as my fun. I have always tried to balance these two sides of life in college and feel that I have really made the most of my time here. I am involved in in the business school through Leeds Scholars and Leeds Council as the VP of Finance.

What I want: I may be in the minority but I have always enjoyed writing classes throughout school. I have written many reports as a finance major but almost all are purely quantitative. I am excited for the opportunity to write qualitatively and put more personality into my work. I have not had a writing class similar to this since high school and hope to sharpen up my professional writing skills before I enter the work force. I want to develop a writing style that allows my personality to come through when needed and to continue to grow at writing quantitatively. I am also excited to develop some technical skills to help build a professional site that looks great.

Where to find me: You can find me on Facebook and Instagram but I rarely post anything (I need a new camera). I am a skier and will enjoy the mountains as much as I can this spring. I am an avid music listener and prefer to listen to classic rock but I really enjoy all types of music. In my free time I’m hunting down music or enjoying the outdoors in some capacity. As I mentioned my hike in Telluride has been my favorite but I still aim to hike as many 14ers (mountains over 14,000 ft.) as I can; I currently have done eight. I strongly suggest everyone hike one during his or her time in Colorado, especially if you can summit the mountain for the sunrise.

Thanks for taking a look at my first post everyone! I am excited to learn more about you guys this semester.


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