Hey guys this is me!

Recognizable me:

img_2083 Hey Guys my name is Joana Linda Reina Ospina and I am currently a junior in the Leeds School of Business with an emphasis in marketing, a minor in the TAM program and a Global business certificate. I decided to go this route because I am very interested in international business as well as technology and the way it applies to business and how it affects customers and the way they consume. I was born raised in Aspen Colorado so I have a love for the outdoors! I have been hiking, camping, doing outdoor activities since I was just a little girl. This photo of me was taken this past semester in Pucón, Chile. I studied abroad in Viña Del Mar Chile the past semester taking a variety of international business and marketing classes as well as a latin america on film class. I had the most amazing time although it is good to be back in Boulder where I can continue my education and find out what it is I want to do after I graduate in terms of jobs.

Where I’m at:

This past summer I worked at a restaurant in Aspen called Ajax Tavern. I then I went to Hollywood, California to get my visa for Chile and stayed with my roommate from freshman year in the dorms for two weeks. At the end of my summer I was off to Chile where it was winter and it was actually very cold! I stayed with a host family giving me the opportunity to really integrate myself in the culture and language. This summer I will probably stay in Boulder and either find an internship, take summer classes or both. I am quite excited to stay in Boulder for the summer where I will finally be twenty one, living away from my parents in my own apartment will put m to the test of being an adult and figuring out thins on my own and being independent!

What I want:

What I want to take out of this class is an improvement in my writing abilities which I believe is really important. Business language isn’t only about being able to talk it is also about being able to write well effectively. This class will not only improve my writing skills but also my communication skills through writing and in person. IT will help aid my ability to formulate thoughts and ideas in my mind before I decide to say them out loud in public. I think the video lectures is a really great approach for class, it’s something new to me. This is my first online class and am excited to be in this one and see what kind of skillsI will learn and be able to apply to my professional skills!

Where to find me:

I have all sorts of social media but Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are the ones I use almost everyday. I haven’t had a phone for six months which has been nice to not be so dependent on it. But I know that as soon as I get one I will be hooked back on it like no other. I am very passionate about traveling, photography, and dancing, which is you were to go to my social media accounts you would be able to see. I love hiking and spending time with my family and friends. When I have the time I like a good read and an interesting documentary. I like all types of music but a few groups that I will be seeing in concert at red rocks this summer are The Dirty Heads, Slighlty Stoopid, and Jboog.  I am excited for this class and semester! Thank you 🙂


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