The Intro About Nothing…


traviRecognizable you: Hello writing 3040! My name is Alula Fitsum (My first name is a palindrome, spelled the same way frontward and backward), and I’m from Denver, Colorado. My friends call me Lou, if that makes it easier for you. My name originates from Ethiopia, that is a country in eastern Africa and that is where I am originally from. I spent most of my childhood in St. Paul, Minnesota, (where it is much colder than Colorado.) I am a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying Information Management and Marketing. This is my last semester at Boulder, so I am trying to enjoy and live in the moment as much as I can.

The picture to the left is with Rapper, Travi$ Scott. (Although it is hard to see him in this picture, that is his signature picture pose.) His concerts are extremely wild and intense, and I have linked his youtube channel for anyone interested in listening to his music. He is one of my favorite artists right now and getting the chance to meet him was a cool experience.

Where I’m at: I spent my summer mostly working and hanging out with friends. Over winter break I went snowboarding with a few friends up at Keystone. We had a nice cabin up there and enjoyed our time on break. I am currently at the library working on a couple assignments including this one.

My plan this summer is to go back to Ethiopia and see my family and friends. I am originally from Ethiopian and getting a chance to explore a country with a rich culture and long history is something I have been looking forward to my whole life. Following the trip, I will be searching for a job in my area of emphasis that is hopefully not too far from home.

What I want: Writing 3040 is a requirement for all Business students at Leeds, so ‘I’m here so I won’t get fined’ (haha.) All jokes aside, I truly want to develop my writing ability and I know this class will help me in doing so. This will be my second writing class at a University level, so I don’t have much experience in writing. I know my writing skills are not my strongest skill set so I hope taking a course like this one will help sharpen my weakness because that is important to me. Most importantly strengthening my business writing skills, because I know we will utilize all the tools given to us in this class in our everyday lives.

Where to find me: You can most certainly find me either at Norlin, Leeds and at the CU recreation center. I have a heavy workload this semester so I am focusing a lot of time on my academics. When I have downtime I tend to watch NBA, NCAA, NFL games. I am really into sports and enjoy watching good intense games.

I am into Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B music but I am open to hearing anything. My favorite artist of all time is Kanye West. I have gravitated with his music since I was in middle school. His first album, The College Dropout was the first album I every bought (of course with my parent’s money.) I also enjoy watching movies as well. I dislike horror movies, but any other genre I don’t mind. A movie I watched recently and was really good was Dope. (If any of you are interested I added a link to the trailer and it is also on Netflix!) My favorite actor is Will Smith, so a lot of movies he is in are my favorite including, Pursuit of Happyness, I AM Legend, Seven Pounds, and I, Robot. 

I am excited to take this course and improve my writing and communication skills. Also, looking forward to the possibility of meeting you all.

One thought on “The Intro About Nothing…

  1. Hiya Alula,
    I love a palindrome, so bonus points to start off. I am also a big Will Smith fan, though I’m having trouble sorting out my feelings on Suicide Squad. Thoughts?

    Welcome to class!

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