WARNING: This is all about me

FullSizeRender.jpg.jpegRecognizable me: My name is Cory, and I’m a Boulder, CO native. My favorite things in the whole world are bicycles (of all sorts) but I specifically enjoy riding 26″ trials and urban downhill/enduro. I have hand built every bicycle I’ve made from the frame up since 2012. It’s such a cool feeling being able to select each individual piece, and know how it will affect the performance of the whole machine. I’ve been told that I sound overzealous about bikes, but I just block out the haters and keep pedaling.

As an Evans Scholar, I have been given the opportunity to attend CU on a full ride scholarship. Evans Scholars are selected based on our ability to lead, having exceptional grades, being a successful caddie, and having financial need. We just had our scholarship house renovated last year and have achieved landmark status with the City, which is pretty cool. I’m an only child, so I would spend a fair amount of time solo-exploring Boulder and learning about its history.

Where I’m at: I’m a semester behind most Juniors at CU. I began here as a Mechanical Engineer and quickly recognized that engineering calculus/physics was not my forte. I switched into Finance at Leeds and have been loving it ever since. I’m majoring in personal financial planning (wealth management) because of my keen interest for asset allocation. I do some personal trading at the moment but my portfolio emulates the Spider so I only do quarterly recapitalization.

I also create logos for the Colorado and Purdue Evans Scholars, and spending time learning Illustrator and Photoshop has landed me an internship with a graphic designer (Damon – Kind Design) that I really look up to. I’ve previously interned at Jiberish, a Denver ski-outerwear company. My goal for after college is to work in wealth management while simultaneously progressing an outerwear/design business until I can make it my first priority.

What I want: My main takeaways for this class include strengthening my rhetorical skills, practicing being a better organizer, and garnering a better understanding of business documents. I know that sounds fairly bland and typical, but I really am interested to learn these things. I want to be as successful out of college as possible, which starts with being on top of every single thing that comes my way. The approach in this class is different and I think it will make learning more fun! I hope this blog will be a good way for me to practice getting my ideas out, since I don’t write very frequently.

Where to find me: You can follow me @schwaann on Instagram if you’d like. I post bicycle and logo related stuff, among other things. I operate my own small business called Bent Spoke Designs, doing designs for friends, locals, and campus organizations. You can most certainly find me somewhere secluded on campus, riding trials. Look for an all black bike with no seat.

My favorite hikes are not on trails, but bushwhacking from point A to point B. I guess my favorite “hike” is going from a few turns above Flagstaff House, (a place I call skychair) across the valley to the only patch of grass on a rock cliff on the other side. Since I’ve spent my whole life in Colorado, I’ve picked up skiing as well as snowboarding. You can find me at Loveland or Vail pass on some Saturdays since I don’t have a ski pass.

**SHAMELESS PLUG** If you are in need of a logo or design, I’d love to help if possible. I can do anything from a polo shirt logo to the pages for an app, anything that requires high resolution electronic design.


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