A Hypothetical Autobiography

Recognizable Me

When I was, like, 13 years old my dream job was to be a marine biologist. The reasoning behind that dream was probably because I assumed marine biologists were the ones who trained dolphins to kiss people in mexico. So 20 years later, my ‘dream’ job has not been fulfilled. I just finished up my last full semester at Boulder this past December and have one more class (hence my presence) to “get the piece of paper”. SO, you’re probably wondering what I do all day. Well, i moved home to Denver to live in my parents basement. On my free time I hang out with my yellow lab, Marley (no he’s not named after the movie), spend an absurd amount of time in a studio to practice yoga, and i guess i’ll slowly start blasting my resume out at some point. Which reminds me… I majored in Communications and minored in Business. Since neither of those things are marine biology, I’m headed towards the realm of public relations firms.

Where I’m At

So right, to backtrack just a little bit… I’m a Denver native which means i’m like sooo well-versed in the seasons. But really, I live for the mountains. Spring skiing, winter snowshoeing, fall hiking, summer picnics. I love being outside. Even my bedroom is filled with fresh flowers and succulents. It’s something about being surrounded by life that makes you so thankful for your own. Which also brings me back to my yoga practice. Yogi since i was 15 and it plays one of the biggest roles in my life. With daily stressors, I find that yoga has the power to not wipe those stressors away, but to look at them in a completely different way which takes away the categorization of a stressor. 

What I Want

So last year i decided to make a new year’s resolution for the first time ever and i actually followed through with it. It was to learn how to whistle. I remember that at first i literally youtubed “whistling” and found out about the magical world of professional whistling (watch here to LOL). Anywho, because now i can consider myself a pretty decent whistler, i decided to make two new year’s resolutions this year. The first being to learn how to become a better cook, the second being take more photographs. So becoming a better cook will honestly be forced upon me. Both of my parents are phenomenal cooks but both happen to work. So guess who’s going to be responsible for cooking on the weeknights. Ya that’s right… By 2018 you’ll be able to say you took an online course with this random chick who ate questionable yet somehow edible food for dinner every night. As for the photographs, looking back on the back 4.5 years at boulder I did not take enough pictures. Not going to allow that to happen throughout my 20’s too.

Where to Find Me

So yeah, that’s just a chunk of my hypothetical autobiography. I guess a few more fun facts about me are i’m a dual citizen of the Republic of Tanzania and the United State of America. Nine days ago i found out that i’m allergic to both wheat and dogs – which is dev.i.stating. So sorry body, you’re just going to have to deal with hoppy beer and Marley’s licks. Brown rice, black beans, carnitas, pico, hot salsa, corn, cheese, sour cream, guac, lettuce. Thanks for asking.   


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