An Introduction

img_2671Recognizable Me: My name is Cameron Avery, most the time I usually go by Cam.  I grew up in a small town in the Roaring Fork Valley  named Glenwood Springs.  I am the youngest of 3, having an older sister and an older brother.

I grew up in the outdoors, I began skiing at the age of 4 and have enjoyed it ever since.  Being 40 minutes away from world class skiing is something I’ve always taken for granted due to the proximity and accessibly on any given weekend.  I also enjoy getting a good workout in on my road bike throughout the mountains;  my enjoyment for road biking originated throughout a two month cross country trip from LA to D.C.

My older brother, Dru, is a graduate of the worst school in the state, Colorado State University, four years ago with a degree in Finance.  He now works as a financial analyst / corporate strategist for a private oil & gas company in downtown Denver.  He is set to get married in June and has asked me to be his best man, I’m already nervous for the speech but I feel like shootin’ from the hip is the best move, so we’ll see how that goes.  My older sister, Candace, is a stay at home mom and workout enthusiast, who is a mother to two wonderful daughters.  Being an Uncle to those two has been a blast so far.

Where I’m At: I currently live here in Boulder which has been my home for a few years now. I am a senior wrapping up my Economics degree here at the University of Colorado Boulder and I am planning to graduate in May 2017. I will have to take a course or two in the summer depend on how many credits I decide to stick with this semester.  I’m ready to continue on with my life, graduate, and begin a career.

I have recently sent resumes to a few connections at different companies in Charlotte, NC and have heard back for an initial Skype interview from one potential entry level position.  I’m looking to go down south because I can relate a bit more down there I guess?  I love southern cooking and have always have had a blast when I was down there.  Charlotte is also one of the top cities for young professionals recently out of college with a plethora entry level jobs and diverse opportunities.

What I Want: With this course, I hope I can combine all the skills needed to become a more free-flowing writer. Usually I have great mechanics and my flow seems to be decent; my content struggles time to time but I would love to piece everything together with the help of the content and projects throughout the course.

As a person who is pursuing a job in the banking/financial world it is always key to be concise while having all the necessary information to be incorporated.  I hope to better my skills to a point I feel proficient enough to submit my work with the correct technique.

Where To Find Me: You can find me partaking in an array of activities whether that might be on the ski slopes, on the golf course if it is warm, or getting a workout with my road bike in the Roaring Fork Valley.

I am an avid Denver sports fan; I love the Broncos and was extremely excited for Super Bowl 50, The Avs are currently the worst team in the NHL, however, I still place bets on ’em, and the Nuggets are still always struggling to make the playoffs but I’ll never root for anyone else unless they’re playing the Warriors.  I watch every Buffs game that I can whenever we’re taking Basketball and more importantly Football now.

My favorite TV show is hands down Ray Donovan. I enjoy a variety of music but usually stick to hip-hop and country.  I appreciate a lot of movies but if I had to pick one movie, it would have to be The Town.  That’s a little bit about myself, nothing too special if you didn’t figure that out by now.


One thought on “An Introduction

  1. Hi Cameron,
    Being an aunt or uncle is so fun! All the great parts of little kids and you can give them back when you’re done. I’m glad you’re enjoying your experience. Glad to have you in class.


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