I’m Not That Interesting I Promise


Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 8.32.30 PM.pngRecognizable Me: My name is Jacob Jenkins, however I have always gone by the name of Jake. I am from a small town called Milton just north Atlanta, Georgia. I come from a family of five, and have a younger and older brother.

I live on a small farm that is about 15 acres where we ride dirt bikes and horses through trails in the woods. We have a few chickens, and had horses for a long time. My mom has a large garden and grows everything from corn to tomatoes to squash!

My older brother, Zack, is a recent graduate of CU, specifically getting an Entrepreneurship degree from Leeds. After graduating last May, he moved to Charleston where is working as a salesman for a payment processing company. The company is called Payscape. My younger brother, Luke, is a sophomore at the University of Georgia. He is pursuing a finance degree, and is by far the best student in the family.


Where I’m At: I first attended CU as a freshman, but soon left for the University of Georgia. After spending a year and a half there, I realized I missed Boulder too much and came back this semester. I am technically a junior in terms of credits, but because many of my credits didn’t transfer I am a second semester sophomore.

I have just accepted an internship with a company called TeamSnap located in downtown Boulder, and tomorrow is my first day. My goal is to continue working with them through the summer while taking classes as well. It is a lead generation and marketing internship, and I am very excited to begin! I held a past internship at a company called Syrup Marketing as well.

I hope to graduate with a degree in Operations Management from Leeds. I will have to cram in a lot of classes in the summer, online through Continuing Education, and studying abroad. If all goes as planned, I will be able to graduate in May of 2018. I
What I Want: I hope to learn how to become a more fluent writer with this course. Whenever I write a paper for a class, I score very highly for the content, but my mechanics and flow need improvement. I could have improved many grades if I was more organized and took more time.

Writing is a huge part of business, and there is nothing more unprofessional than sloppy writing. With this course my goal is to help polish all of my writing and learn proper business styles. I also think that having the ability to blog and learning basic WordPress is a great skill that I can add to my resume.


Where To Find Me: You can find me doing a wide variety of things. I have always been the kid that has random hobbies that don’t seem to correlate in any way. On most days, I am hanging out with my friends and roommates. We love to go to the rec center, watch Entourage, and go skiing.

I am a huge sports fan, and try to make every Buffs game that I can. While at UGA, I never missed the Bulldogs play a football game, and extravagant tailgates with catered food and cable tv seemed to be a way of life. No matter how the Buffs are doing, I always try to support and root for them. It was a great football season to be a Buffaloes fan!

On weekends without football, I enjoy to explore Boulder with my friends, finding new restaurants and bars that are off the beaten path. In terms of movies, the decision is easy. I am a die hard Harry Potter fan, and have read all of the books and seen every movie countless times.

My favorite shows to watch on a lazy snowy day are Entourage and The Office. I love to listen to all types of music, whether it’s country or hip hop. I think being so different than everyone else here has opened me up to so many new things and styles. I guess that’s one of the reasons I came!


One thought on “I’m Not That Interesting I Promise

  1. Hi Jake,
    Glad to have you in class. I think the best way to get some polish on your writing is just to practice. That’s probably one of the main benefits of a writing class — you’re forced to write frequently. Even better, when you take it online, you’re forced to write even more, since we’re not face to face.


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