Recognizable me:

Hi guys, my name is Justin Murray I am currently a junior at CU Boulder studying finance and real estate. The picture posted above is of me and my brother and my cousin’s wedding in San Diego. I want to start off by saying a little about myself, I was born in Johannesburg South Africa and lived there till I was about 5 years old. My family then decided to move to San Diego, California where I was raised no complaints there. I graduated from Torrey Pines High School and almost immediately made my decision to come to Boulder, I couldn’t pass up on the amazing city and knew I would be able to further my education in a fun exciting new city. My hobbies include anything that involve sports, outdoor activities, or traveling. As you can probably tell from where I was born I have a lot of family that live internationally, a few of my favorite place I visit often would be London or Australia both very different but exciting in their own unique ways.

Where I’m at:

As I mentioned earlier I am a business major with an emphasis in finance and real estate. During my past two summers I interned with a startup company where I learned a lot and was able to really help out a lot since it was such a small company, last summer I decided to take a few classes and get ahead. I am most excited for my upcoming summer where I will be participating in the London Finance Seminar for 5 weeks and hopefully getting the opportunity to explore Europe with one of my best friends while we’re out there. I currently don’t have a job but will hopefully be getting one in the future.

What I want:

Writing for me has always been somewhat challenging, I would much rather communicate with someone face to face than over email or pen and paper. As I progress in this writing course throughout the semester I hope that I am able to eventually learn how to write in a professional and efficient manner. I know that writing and email’s are pivotal in the business world to be able to communicate all your thoughts and what needs to be done. I know that this course may be required by CU, but I am happy that it is required so I can improve as a writer and be prepared to go into the “real world.”

Where to find me:

If I am using social media which I like to think isn’t very often you will find me using Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. In my free time I enjoy going to the gym, playing sports, and traveling. I have always loved sports although I don’t play competitively anymore I still enjoy playing for fun and I am currently play on a few intramural teams here at CU. Traveling is a passion of mine, one of my favorite places I have traveled too is Cape Town South Africa. If you love the coast, beautiful scenery, and a bustling nightlife I highly recommend spending some time in Cape Town. Well that just about wraps up me hope you’ll enjoyed reading this, and I am looking foward to a great semester.





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